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The Top 7 Things Men Do That Turn Women Off

AuthorBy - Updated October 7, 2021
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7 Male Traits That Will Turn Her Off
There are certain things that men usually do that only work to turn off ladies they are interested in. Men do such things without even knowing that such habits turn off women they are interested in dating.

Women are usually pissed off by certain things that men take for granted like men who are not conscious of their hygiene or those who don’t dress well.

If you are clumsy your chances of being able to please any lady will greatly be reduced. Any man who wishes to be successful when dating ladies should avoid the following negative traits that have been found to turn them off:

1. Men who are needy

Women don’t find needy men attracted to them at all. This happens because when something becomes so available it turns out to be less desirable. As much as women like being chased when you actually show that you need her so desperately it will only work to drive her away from you.

Women like going after men they find a little mysterious to them and the best way to achieve this is by giving her space to have some time alone. Let her miss your absence and she will definitely want to know where you may have gone to.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Another good move you can make is to hang around some other ladies as this will make her see that you relate well with women. When doing this, it is advisable that you do it in moderation so that you don’t make her think that you are a player.

2. Acting so nice to her

Most men who act so nice usually do not score well with women because they are a turn off to them.

Women like men who can make their lives exciting by being a little challenging to them. Women simply do not like men they can just push over easily. When you become too predictable to a lady you will become boring to her and this will drive her away from you.

Most nice guys are usually too predictable and this is why they are a turn off to most ladies. This partly explains why some women get attracted to ‘bad boys’ because of their unpredictability.

3. Always hanging around her

If you always hang around her and have nothing else to do other than staying close to her she will think that you do not have a life. When you more than available to her you will start to bore her and she will develop resentment towards you and try to drive you away by hooking up to someone else.

In order for you not to appear in her eyes as being too available to her, you can simply just find something else to do or just keep away from her for some days without even calling her.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Let her miss you and she will call you to try and find about how you are faring on.

4. If you can’t take the lead

Women are always attracted to men who can take charge and be in control. Research has found out that even women who are controlling find men who take charge to be attractive to them.

Do not make a woman feel that you are just a push over by accepting each command she gives you.

This will turn her off because she will interpret this as a weakness in you and weak guys are usually not attractive women.

5. Lack of confidence

Men who lack confidence are usually a big turn off for most women. Women like to relate with men who are confident because they perceive that confident men are more capable of protecting them and keeping them safe.

Men who are not even sure about themselves and their abilities will never give women what they want or need. Next time, when going out to approach a lady that you have interest in try to show some level of confidence and you will surely win her over.

6. Uncouth and aggressive behavior

Women like hanging out with civilized men who are intelligent and well informed and not jerks who like to pick up fights without reason.

Being aggressive is a sure turn off for most ladies because people usually perceive aggressive people to violent too. When you around the lady you wish to establish a relationship with it would be better to act decently for you to win her trust.

Ladies usually find it easy to relate with men they can trust and feel safe around.

7. Being poor in communication

Good relationships thrive where there is good communication but when you are the kind of man who is nervous, submissive and also avoids problems with her all the time, chances are that she will get turned off.

Men who can communicate freely what they want to their women remain attractive to them while those don’t turn them off.

What now?

If you want to keep your partner or if you don’t want to turn her off, then the things that are listed above should be avoided by any man. Keeping a relationship doesn’t need to be complicated.

It’s just a matter of knowing which things should be avoided.

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