A Healthy Ejaculation – The Basics

by Nick Swanson

Men are generally concerned with their potency and virility because it is so closely tied to their self image. Because of this, many men are curious about what exactly qualifies as a healthy ejaculation. Additionally, men who believe that they may be falling short in this particular regard may be interested to improve so that they can experience a healthy ejaculation. A healthy ejaculation usually results in no more than a tablespoon of ejaculate. Due to medical issues, a man may not experience ejaculation or may suffer from premature ejaculation, both issues which can often be corrected by making a simple trip to the doctor’s office.

A Healthy Ejaculation

Ejaculation occurs when semen is released from the penis as a result of masturbation or intercourse. A Healthy Ejaculation involves rhythmic contractions that occur at approximately .8 second intervals. A healthy ejaculation will begin to taper off after approximately 3 or four contractions of the prostate, perineal muscles and penis shaft. It is not uncommon, during a healthy ejaculation, for semen to not appear until several seconds after an orgasm has begun due to the fact that the seminal fluid must first travel through the urethra.

The bladder of a man is sealed during a healthy ejaculation to ensure that your and is not mix with the semen. The amount of semen during a healthy ejaculation will depend on factors including how recently the man has previously ejaculated, the diet that the man has been consuming and the age and overall health of the individual. A men interested in experiencing a healthy ejaculation can increase his potency by consuming foods that are rich in amino acids and zinc. Zinc is a fundamental ingredient used during the production of sperm and a diet that is low in sync will result in a lower sperm count.

Generally, most men do not need to worry about whether or not they have A healthy ejaculation. A man who is trying to conceive with his partner and who is concerned about whether or not he has a healthy ejaculation can take preventative steps to improve his chances. Having a healthy ejaculation is more likely if a man refrains from smoking, alcohol and drugs. Losing weight and exercising regularly can all have beneficial results when it comes to a healthy ejaculation. Have also found success using certain supplements which enable them to perform better and experience longer, more intense orgasms during intercourse.