Male Penis Size – The Truth about Male Penis Size

by Nick Swanson

About Male Penis Size

Popular culture tends to dictate the way that people perceive themselves. For example, the fashion magazines have women convinced that it is a good idea to be gaunt and skinny to the point of being unhealthy. Another popular myth has to do with male penis size. Several elements of pop culture have worked to perpetuate the myth that male penis size is important to sexually satisfying a woman. There are some truths about male penis size that every man should know. Once men get the facts, then they can start to feel more comfortable about their own bodies and their ability to satisfy a partner.

While most men are conditioned to believe that they are on the short side of the male penis size chart, the truth is that any penis over six inches in length is unusual. The average male penis size for an erect member is five to six inches in length. An average flaccid male penis size is between three and four inches in length. This helps to put to rest the myth that the male penis grows significantly when it is erect and it should also help men to feel more confident about themselves. It is inevitable that men will feel it necessary to compare themselves to other men. In this instance, most men will find that they all wind up being about equal.

Another misconception about male penis size is that women want men who have a larger penis. Once again, this myth about male penis size is just not true. When a man is larger than average, that means that sex tends to be more painful for the female. In some cases, men with a larger penis size may be able to find partners who are able to feel comfortable with a man who has a larger penis. But, in most cases, women are just as satisfied by a man with an average size penis as they are by men who have a larger penis. If the penis is too large, then sex becomes uncomfortable and even painful for the female.

Myths about male penis size have been part of popular culture for a long time. Men need to be able to look past the misconceptions about male penis size and understand the facts. Most men will find that when they become familiar with the facts about male penis size, then they are able to gain more confidence in their ability to satisfy their partner.