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Performance Insiders – About Us

Performance Insiders is a website that focuses on providing sexual health news and delivering true and accurate information to the general public looking to know more about male sexual health. Our goal is to educate the visitors and provide valuable information about trending topics, male enhancement products, and conditions related to sexual health.

Our platform has a registered domain at the address PerformanceInsiders.com. In that domain, we publish various types of content. Aside from delivering news and general articles about sexual health, we also publish guides about different conditions and product reviews that have the goal of helping you to find out more about managing your sexual health properly and save on supplements and other products.

Every product review you read on our website has been written by health authors and editors with comprehensive knowledge on the topic. In case of reviews, our writers aim to round up the information available online in other reviews of the same product and the feedback posted by previous customers.

The information is double-checked as we aim all facts published in the reviews to be as accurate as possible. In case of finding an inaccuracy or even a typo, visitors can contact us and point out that we should edit the content on a particular page. Our editing team will react in accordance with your suggestion and, if required, correct the information published.

Commercial Content Information

Performance Insiders is a commercial website. We invest our time, effort, and money to maintain the website and publish new content. In case a product review or article contains a link to a third-party site where you can conduct a purchase, please note that we might earn a commission if you go through with the purchasing process. Our authors may also publish information about various options for buying a product and its price in the reviews.

Any page on our website that has any type of commercial content will be clearly marked. You will find information about affiliation before the published content, which we advise you to check before continuing to read the article or review. Performance Insiders never allows the company that manufactures or distributes the product or anyone else to affect what we publish. The quality of content is uncompromised as we always give our best to provide accurate and unbiased information.

Performance Insiders publishes valuable information regarding sexual health. However, this information shouldn’t be used as a doctor’s advice. In case you have any question or doubts about an issue related to male sexual health, make sure to schedule an appointment with a medical professional before applying any tip or information you found on this website. Our platform only serves to improve your general knowledge on the topic and shouldn’t be treated as a substitute for any information received from a medical professional.

Affiliation Disclosure

We are publishing this disclosure to comply with the Commission’s Guides on the topic of advertising and use of endorsement and advertising in it made available by the Federal Trade. The reason why this document is publicly accessible is so that anyone can get an insight into our relations with third parties mentioned on the website, particularly when it comes to publishing.

Performance Insiders is owned by 21CenturyWeb, Pvt. Ltd. (herein referred to “Website”). The website includes two variants, PC and mobile, and this document cover both. If you encounter referral links that lead to a third-party page where you may be able to buy a certain product, we may be eligible for a commission from every purchase.

The website is a part of multiple affiliate programs which give it the opportunity to earn compensation after a product has been sold. Some of the partnership agreements we made include Google AdSense, RevenueWire, BizProfits, EVitamins, Sellhealth, Associacash, and so on. This is just a portion of partnerships we made and the list may be changed or new partnerships may be added at any time.

Commercial content on our website is clearly marked with affiliate information. The quality of content always remains the same and the content cannot be influenced by any third party related to the product.
Visitors and partners are welcome to contact us if they have any questions regarding the affiliate program. We are available through our contact form and our customer service will make sure to respond to all queries as soon as possible.