All You Need To Know About Adult Circumcision

The penis is a key part of the male reproductive system and is covered by a piece of skin that is usually referred to as the foreskin. While some men prefer leaving their foreskin intact, others prefer to undergo a procedure known as a circumcision – this procedure involves the removal of the foreskin; thus exposing the head of the penis without any skin covering it up.

There are plenty of different reasons why men may undergo a circumcision. This procedure is sometimes performed during early childhood.

According to a post by BBC[1], numerous religions belief in male circumcision as part of certain religious ceremonies and rituals. Both Muslims and Jews often practice male circumcision as part of their religion.

While quite a large number of circumcisions occur during childhood, some adult men also choose to undergo this procedure. The primary reason why adult men usually undergo a circumcision is usually due to the improved hygiene and health that the procedure provides. Having a foreskin cover the head of the penis can cause a build-up of bacteria and makes the penis more prone to developing certain conditions, such as a collection of yeast, which leads to a yeast infection.

Whatever the reason for an adult circumcision, in this post, we would like to provide more details about the procedure and educate our male readers about how they can prepare for the procedure and what they should expect after their circumcision has been performed.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How to Prepare for an Adult Circumcision?

Adult Circumcision Procedure
Before undergoing an adult circumcision procedure, there are a few things that a man has to do in order to prepare himself for the surgery.

The first step is to educate himself about how circumcision works and what he should expect during the procedure.

There are a few factors that men should know about, including the risks that are involved with adult circumcision and the possible complications that may develop while the procedure is being performed.

According to Medic8[2], it is important that men prepare properly prior to their procedure. This includes shaving their pubic area and ensuring the entire groin region is clean prior to going for the procedure.

Men should also ensure they bring tight-fitting underpants with them, which they will need to put on following their procedure.

Men should also avoid drinking any beverage (including water) or eating any food prior to undergoing surgery – it is advised to sustain from drinking and eating for at least six hours prior to going for the procedure.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Should general anesthetic be utilized instead of local anesthetic, then sustaining from drinking and eating would not apply.

Patients who drink and smoke should sustain from these habits prior to undergoing the circumcision. Alcohol consumption should be voided approximately two days before the procedure and may be resumed after the procedure has been performed.

The longer the patient is able to sustain from smoking, the better – smoking is known to interfere with the body’s ability to heal wounds, which may delay the amount of time it takes the patient to recover after they have undergone the procedure.

The First Few Weeks After Undergoing a Circumcision as an Adult

Undergoing a Circumcision
After undergoing an adult circumcision, a man needs to take care of his penis while it heals. There are numerous instructions that a doctor will provide a man with after they have completed the procedure.

Men should ensure they follow these instructions carefully as not adhering to the particular instructions provided may lead to complications – which may include bleeding and a risk for the development of an infection.

The Government of Alberta[3] explains that the bruising and swelling on the penis will be worst during the first two days following the procedure. Thereafter, the site of surgery will start to heal – but this does not mean that the man who underwent a circumcision can immediately return to his normal daily routine.

Inflammation will most likely be present for up to three weeks after the man had undergone surgery, and even after this period of time has passed, the site of surgery will still continue to heal for another couple of weeks.

The first instruction that will be provided to the man is to remove the dressing that the surgeon placed over his penis after the circumcision. It is important for the man to note down when he can remove the dressing and not to take a shower or a bath while the dressing is on his penis.

The dressing should be removed at the instructed day and time. While wearing the dressing and even after the dressing has been removed, it is important for the man to position his penis in an upright manner in his underpants – this will help to reduce the inflammation level he experiences and will also assist with the healing process.

Men are advised to return to their normal daily routine, including work and driving, when they feel comfortable enough to do so. For some men, this may only take a few weeks, but for others, it may take a longer period of time.

During the first few weeks, it is vital for a man to get enough rest and sleep to speed up the healing process, but to also take a walk every day.

Walk Every Day

The daily walk should be started out slow, but increased gradually. Men may take baths while the area is healing, but should limit the amount of time they spend in the bath.

When it comes to more strenuous activities, such as aerobic exercises and weight lifting, men are advised to wait at least four weeks after their surgery before returning to such activities.

Another very important factor to consider is that a man should sustain from masturbating or any type of sexual activity for the first six weeks following his procedure as this could also lead to complications.


Adult circumcision is becoming a less common procedure[4], with a decrease from 65% to 54.5% in seven years. The procedure most often does not involve complications when performed by a trained surgeon and when the male patient follows the directions provided to him closely.

Knowing how to prepare for an adult circumcision is very important, and adhering to the specific instructions provided for aftercare is also essential to avoid potential complications and to ensure a speedy recovery is experienced by the patient. If you are searching for any male enhancement pill, then you might check the Black Ant Pills Review.

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