Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Long Penis

by Nick Swanson

When talking about male enhancement, the majority of guys will be focused on improving their penis size. For decades, the overall opinion of most is that the larger the penis size, the better. There are numerous studies out there which report mixed results, with some women saying that size doesn’t matter and others saying that it does.

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No matter which you listen to, there’s no question that having a long penis comes with some distinct advantages as well as a few drawbacks.

In terms of the advantages of having a longer penis size, the following are the most common benefits.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Long Penis
  • More attractive – A long penis simply looks more appealing to most women and even to most men. A short, small penis isn’t that impressive and won’t look that great when you’re stripping down.
  • Better confidence – Most guys with longer penises report being much more confident in their overall life as well as in their sexuality. Simply put, having a bigger penis means that you’re likely more confident and having better self-esteem.
  • More pleasurable – A longer penis size means that you can reach depths smaller penises can’t. This in turn means that you could be able to pleasure your partner more completely. It isn’t always the case, but it’s certainly the rule rather than the exception.
  • Thicker – Most longer penises are also a bit thicker, which adds to the overall pleasure during sex.

There are also some disadvantages to having larger penis size, including:

  • Pencil Syndrome – If you have a long penis that lacks width, you could have ‘pencil syndrome’ that ends up leaving your penis looking a bit too thin to be fully attractive.
  • Female Pain – Sometimes a longer penis means that you might actually hurt your partner. Plunging too deep into her vagina could bruise her cervix and result in sex that isn’t that pleasurable.
  • Fear – Simply put, some women are intimidated by a big penis. In fact, you may miss out on things like oral sex or anal sex because she’s just too afraid to try it or because it hurts too much. Sometimes bigger just isn’t better.
  • Erection Problems – Some guys with larger penis size have trouble maintaining an erection because their circulation isn’t good enough to keep their longer penis fully engorged.
  • Understanding the pros and the cons of larger penis size is important, especially when you’re thinking about having male enhancement done. In many instances, you might be surprised by the potential drawbacks that exist.