The #7 Weird Facts Showing The Amazing Benefits of Cold Showers

Besides the fact that today’s topic is pretty interesting, it is also pretty beneficial to men. I will look into why cold showers are good for your body and reveal some interesting facts about it.

For me, taking a shower isn’t just washing my body from all the dirt and bacteria that has gathered throughout the day. It also helps me wash off something negative in my mind. I pretty much devel-oped a subconscious routine for this and I never back away from it. I am sure you have it too.

For example, I take my clothes off, put my phone on the washing machine, play some mix on Youtube, and get into my bathtub. Then, first five minutes I am enjoying the water, after that, I start thinking about random stuff that happened, or will happen (it most likely won’t but why break down the over-thinking routine) and just stand there visualizing all of that. It plays in my head like a movie, and the music that I am listening to, makes it just that much more epic.

This is, I believe, very common. However, I also believe that this can improve your mental health if you channel your thoughts to something positive and creative, and not think of the reasons why that girl at a restaurant laughed at your hair. Seriously, why though?

So, taking a shower isn’t just a basic function we normally do. If done right, it can mean so much more!


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Usually, people shower with hot water or lukewarm water. Cold is painful, and cold showers are for the Russians right?

Well, if you thought that way, you’re wrong. Except for the Russians part.

The History Behind Cold Showers

Cold Showers Benefits

Way back, in 1820s, cold showers have been used as therapy. If you didn’t know, they are still used for the same reasons. Today, of course, the methods evolved. Special liquid nitrogen chambers are being used as a normal recovery process by many professional athletes. One of them, LeBron James, is using them almost every time after an intensive workout. The one he used got to around -300 de-grees! He stayed in it for three minutes. Yes, three minutes in the cold and your body benefits from it.

But, we only got to that point because of what happened way back, as I mentioned, in 1820s. A Ger-man farmer called Vincenz Priessnitz, started his research, and later on tutored, about a medical treatment called hydrotherapy. As he claimed, this treatment could cure everything! He carried on, proving his theories in many cases. That’s when hydrotherapy gained the most popularity.

However, pretty soon, it was almost forgotten. Many different new inventions found their way to the spotlight and doctors simply moved on. Drugs were improved and accepted by medicine, and phar-macies spread all around the globe.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

If there weren’t for athletes who take this treatment regularly in order to speed up their recovery time, this would have been completely forgotten. Even so, as you can see, many people still don’t know much about cold showers. Old remedies are dying on us. We must prevent that from happening!

Seven Reasons Why Cold Showers Are Good For A Man’s Body
Cold shower infographic

1. Increases Testosterone Levels

In the 19th century, doctors believed that taking cold showers will lower man’s drive for sex. Oh boy, the ones who tried this out, for whatever reason, played themselves so bad.

The Thrombosis Research Institute has put in a fair amount of research into this topic. They proved that taking cold showers actually boost your testosterone levels. Aren’t this good news? No more unhealthy supplements, jump into the shower.

Boosting your testosterone levels will help you with your energy and also help you with your strength and muscle development.

2. Helps You With Your Skin And Hair Health

Cold water closes up the pores. Having a hot shower will result in a reverse effect. Yes, it is a little difficult maintaining your cool while taking a cold shower (see what I did there?) but if it benefits your skin and your overall looks, why not be a man?! Hot water dries your skin, cold on the other hand, improves it.

3. Increases Your Immunity Strength

The same institute that was mentioned earlier, has done studies about the effects of cold water on people’s immune system. When cooled down, our bodies attempt to warm themselves up, and that’s what triggers the immune system which releases white blood cells as a result.

4. Improves Your Blood Circulation

Many people are battling it out with cardiovascular diseases. Cold showers are proven to be a good prevention and cure for this. Blood circulation will speed up your body’s recovery time and release the tension from your muscles.

An easy way for improving your blood circulation is simply switching from cold to warm waters. Cold water will cause your blood to rush to your organs, keep them warm and “save” them from harm. Warm water on the other hand, will have the reverse effect, and move your body to your skin. Voila, blood circulation.

5. Helps With Depression

Helps With Depression

According to the research done by The Department Of Radiation Oncology, taking a cold shower will stimulate the brain’s blue spot. The brain’s blue spot is a source of noradrenalin. Noradrenalin is a chemical that relieves stress and depression. So, when stressed and depressed, take a cold shower to influence the noradrenalin and cool off. (I did it again!)

6. Boosts Your Fertility

Another gift from Mr. Cold Shower. A UCSF study showed that men who stopped taking hot showers and implemented cold ones in their lifestyle’s have increased their sperm count up to 491 percent! So, if you want to take yourself to that next level and start a family, take a shower dude.

7. Improves Your Mental Health

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, if you channel your thoughts right, you could use a simple shower to improve your willpower and overall mental strength. Just by resisting to switch that cold water off because it hurts a bit is actually helping you out with this. Day by day, you will build your resistance to it, and eventually, it will feel like meditating.


That would be it. If you want to be an alpha male, take a cold shower! Happy showering and enjoy all these benefits!

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