Andropause Supplements – Alternative To Testosterone Replacement

by Nick Swanson

You receive a diagnosis of andropause from your doctor. Your doctor gives you options as far as treating your symptoms. The first is likely to let it be. However, your quality of life is already under stress. You need to take action to deal with this situation. The next alternative may be testosterone replacement. The biggest problem with that course of treatment is that medical experts have not studied or documented some of the potential side effects. In addition, you would have to go through your doctor’s office to get prescriptions and injections. So, what are the natural andropause supplements for treating andropause?

Andropause Supplements - Alternative To Testosterone Replacement

One common over-the-counter supplement that men use to treat andropause is DHEA. This steroid hormone is a natural precursor for production of testosterone in the human body. By elevating the amounts of DHEA, most men see a natural increase in testosterone levels. This helps to alleviate many of the common symptoms of andropause like lowered sex drive and loss of muscle mass. There is one issue with this supplement. Very few medical studies are underway or complete, which document the potential side effects of using DHEA over long periods. It is important to know the substance you are taking and the potential effects before committing to long term use.

You can find special formulations on the market designed to help men address these changes. These special andropause supplements contain a variety of herbal and natural substances that help various symptoms of andropause. For example, some supplements contain zinc. This natural mineral helps stimulate the secretion of testosterone in the testes. It also helps maintain zinc levels in the body tissues. That helps regulate body mass. Another common ingredient in these supplements is Asian Ginseng. This helps boost testosterone production. It also helps with erectile dysfunction.

Besides taking andropause supplements, it is important to keep the body healthy. Exercise and a good diet help the body naturally regulate testosterone levels. It also helps alleviate mood issues such as anger and irritability. Use supplements as needed to boost hormone levels. However, it is important to look at the big picture and make changes needed to keep the entire body healthy and happy. That will allow the supplements to do their part of the job better. In the end, you can deal with andropause naturally. While it is part of aging, it does not have to be the final word on the subject. Take charge and make changes.