Arize – Editors Choice

Arize Benefits


  • Arize is contains an all-natural and herbal formula
  • A sample pack can be purchased
  • The product is non-Drug
  • All ingredients are listed
  • Arize is fast acting
  • Product should not cause any side effects

Why Arizeā„¢ Is One Of Our Top Choices

AriZe may be a desirable herbal option for men seeking a product to enhance erections quickly, as it claims to take effect within 30 minutes. We appreciate the inclusion of Tribulus in this formula since it has been shown to have a positive effect on raising the levels of the male sex hormone, which can lead to improved reproductive health.

While it contains herbs that may be beneficial, it does not contain the herbal extract Yohimbe. As discussed, Yohimbe has been shown to be effective in supporting penile blood flow, greatly enhancing the firmness of the erection. Yohimbe also supports stamina, allowing for a greater staying power. The extract is also used by athletes for the energy it provides. For men concerned with symptoms of impotency or feel their erections have become somewhat weak, products that contain this potent herb will be most beneficial.