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The abbreviation A.P.E. stands for Alpha Performance Enhancer. This is a supplement used by adult men to boost concentration of free testosterone and generally promote development of the male secondary characteristics. These results in a refine physique that enhance athletic performance. It is sold by Swanson at $39.99 but retailers sell it at a higher price, about $64.99.An individual can save up to 38% by purchasing the product directly, through the official website, from the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Information and its claims about Athletic Edge Nutrition Ape

It is manufactured by Swanson Health Products ®. The company markets the supplement through the official website. Through this site, customers have the freedom to place order with ease and review the effectiveness of the product. The supplement claims to boost the level of testosterone in blood. Testosterone plays significant roles in the body such as muscle growth; development of the sex organs hence also improve sperm production, fat burning is also enhanced, improved blood circulation among other important roles. Testosterone increase sexual stamina and libido hence enhance sexual performance because of the increased concentration of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. This leads to a much refined muscular physique which is very crucial for sports career.

How Does Athletic Edge Nutrition Ape Work?

Athletic Edge Nutrition Ape

Athletic Edge Nutrition APE contains several nutrients that are natural and very effective. The main active ingredient, TestoSurge, together with GlycoCarn plays a significant role in increasing the concentration of free (unbound) testosterone hormone. The ingredients inhibit Aromatse enzyme preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Increased levels of testosterone in blood bring about masculinity in the individuals who have low concentration of testosterone. Body muscles develop and strengthen, the flow of blood increases, metabolism, especially fats, increase resulting in higher energy and strength. Increased blood flow supplies oxygen and nutrients to tissues such as muscles at a faster rate, this increases the rate of tissue respiration hence more energy is produced.

This is very crucial for sportsmen specifically the athletes. The supplement is also important as a performance enhancer. It contains Zinc boosts sperm production and in so doing increase the volume of semen which increase the frequency of ejaculation. This enhances sexual performance necessary for a healthy romantic relationship.

After 8 weeks of using Athletic Edge Nutrition APE, testosterone production should have increased by over 80%. This is accompanied by refined physique, enhanced vascularity, enhanced athletic performance and increased energy and stamina.

Ingredients of Athletic Edge Nutrition Ape

A capsule of Athletic Edge APE contains TestoSurge, GlycoCarn, zinc, Folic acid, and vitamins such as B6, B12 and D.

The anti-estrogen blend contains the main active ingredient called TestoSurge that has been clinically tested and confirmed to increase the level of testosterone within just 12 hours.

TestoSurge is also assisted by GlycoCarn, another active ingredient that has been provento increase free testosterone by 22% within a short time. GlycoCarn increases the concentration of nitric oxide in blood thus increase energy.

Zinc is an ion that boosts reaction which results in increased sperm production in adult males.

The ingredients increase the level of nitric oxide in blood, which increases sexual stamina and energy thereby acting as a performance enhancer.

Athletic Edge Nutrition Ape Benefits

  • There is money back guarantee for using this product.
  • It is easy to use and generally follow the prescribed instructions.
  • It has other health benefits such as helping burn fats in the body.
  • The ingredients have been clinically tested to be very effective in restoring the levels of testosterone.
  • Athletic Edge Nutrition APE increase energy production.
  • It is very effective and solves two problems at a time, because it restores strengthens the masculine nature and enhance sexual performance.

Athletic Edge Nutrition Ape Drawbacks

  • It takes a bit long before good results can be observed.
  • It is quite expensive and therefore many people may not afford.

Dosage Instructions

Two capsules are taken orally at once prior to breakfastper day. This should not be exceeded to avoid causing complications arising from the overdose. The two capsules per day should be taken consecutively for eight weeks to get the best results.


Do not overdose the supplement. Keep out of reach of children.

Athletic Edge Nutrition Ape Side Effects

The ingredients contained in the supplement are natural and do not cause side effects. This has been backed by clinical research.

Does it interact with other medications?

Even though the supplement does not interact with other medications, it is advisable to seek advice from experts before use when you are on other medications especially prostate cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

Final Verdict

Athletic Edge Nutrition APE contains ingredients that have been clinically tested and confirmed to be very effective and have no side effects hence safe for use.The supplement shows effect after a short period of time. The supplement increases energy, endurance and other masculine characteristics that are essential for athletics and enhancing sexual performance. Because of its safety and quick action in boosting the level of testosterone, Athletic Edge Nutrition APE is recommended for use by those suffering from low levels of the androgen.

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