Kitti Minx, Model, Sex and Relationship Expert

Kitti Minx is a longtime professional bisexual nymphomaniac sex fiend and fetishist extraordinaire. Model and performer for the last ten years, including adult content. Regularly updates her blog with articles ranging many saucy topics. She also gains life experience working as a legal licensed escort at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada. 

Recent Posts by Kitti Minx

safely introduce kink play into the bedroom

“Kink Will Make Her Wink”: Your Bedroom Tales From Aww To Oh Yeah!

So you've found yourself interested in getting kinky! Millions of people all over the world discover they have fetishes/kink that make their bedroom desires not exactly vanilla...

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Valentines day ideas

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Love Her, Care Her and Make Her Happy

Valentine’s day is more or less the most romantic night of the year. Make your loved one feel special and close to you. This guide will attempt to inspire you with some ideas...

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