Avena Syrup – You Should Try To Improve Sexual Performance

by Cheryl Powers

The use of Avena Sativa dates back to the middle ages and has long been used for a number of reasons including the enhancement of sexual performance. It can be found in several forms such as capsules and powder but is supportingly popular as a syrup. Avena Syrup is relatively inexpensive, even in its purest form, and the consumer can expect to pay as little as $10.00 for 750mg. It can be found in natural health food stores but there are also many online retailers marketing various brands.

Avena Syrup

Avena Syrup is derived from oats which are known mainly for their nutritional benefits particularly in lowing bad cholesterol. These same nutrients are also beneficial in acting as a relaxant in the system and relieving anxiety which partly explains Avena Syrups popularity as a treatment for impotence especially when it is due to stress or fatigue. By having this effect on the nervous system many men try Avena Syrup for mild, short term cases of impotence (or erectile dysfunction) particularly if they wish to avoid taking a Drug medication such as Viagra.

Other benefits of Avena Syrup include acting as an aphrodisiac which is linked to the products apparent ability in raising testosterone levels in man. This is the sex hormone that supports male virility and stamina and while it can be found in many athletes products, there is little proof to show that it does have any great effect in supporting testosterone significantly. In fact, there has been little research in humans on the sexual benefits of Avena Syrup and at the most it is thought to be a mild aphrodisiac. While it is sold on its own, anyone wishing to try it in the hopes of improving their sexual performance should look for a brand that combines it with other beneficial ingredients such as the amino acid L-Arginine and Tribulus.

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