How to Avoid Ejaculation- Tips to Avoid Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

How to Avoid Ejaculation
Men want to last long enough in bed to please their partner and bring her to orgasm before he ejaculates. However, some men have difficulty and need to know how to avoid premature ejaculation to last longer and satisfy their partner.

The methods to avoid ejaculation depend whether the man has physical issues with premature ejaculation or if it is just mental. Men who have physical issues and want to avoid ejaculation need to speak to their physician. For men who just want to last longer and do not have any physical problems, deep breathing and taking a break can help.

Men know the sensation of impending ejaculation and know when it is going to happens, so one method for how to avoid ejaculation is to take a break. Stopping love making for a few seconds and allowing the sensation to pass can help men avoid ejaculation.

During this time he may want to withdraw from your partner and squeeze the penis just below the head. This helps men avoid oncoming ejaculation. Men can practice this technique during masturbation, so that is works well during intercourse to help him avoid ejaculation.

Pressing the perineum also helps a man avoid ejaculation because this spot reaches the prostate gland the controls the release of ejaculate.

Breathing techniques are excellent for men wanting to know how to avoid ejaculation. Slowing the breathing and using diaphragmatic breathing helps men avoid ejaculation, as rapid breathing excites the body and leads to a release. Breathing in slowly for five seconds, and then breathing out slowly for five seconds can help reduce the excitement and avoid ejaculation.

Practice diaphragmatic breathing beforehand by placing one hand on the chest and the other on the abdomen. If done correctly, the chest will not move and the abdomen will rise and fall.

Men can also try not thrusting as deeply as a method of how to avoid ejaculation. The most sensitive part of the woman’s vagina in the first couple of inches, so if the man only pushes the penis in a couple of inches, he pleasures his partners, while helping avoid ejaculation.

This technique can be done using several short pushes combined with the occasional deep thrust that goes all the way into the vagina. Another simple way to avoid ejaculation is for a man to bring his partner to orgasm before love making begins. This takes the pressure off of him and he can relax, focusing on the act and not on the fear of ejaculating too soon.