Basic Aspects of Sex

by Nick Swanson

Sex is a joyous event, and today more is known about it than ever before. While it was once a kind of secret, quiet pleasure, today most people are comfortable enough with their sexuality to know what they want and to be secure in finding a partner that looks for the same things. Understanding the basic aspects of sex including things like the different positions and how men and women respond to sex is important, and well worth taking the time to do in order to further enhance your enjoyment of it.

Basic Aspects of Sex


There are a few basic stages of sex, each one with different specific factors related to it. They are:

  • Desire – The stage when you begin to desire sex, also known as libido.
  • Excitement – Foreplay, or just general arousal. This occurs and triggers erections or vaginal swelling as well as an increase in overall excitement.
  • Plateau – The period of time during sex or masturbation.
  • Orgasm – The short period of time during which orgasm occurs.
  • Resolution – The time when the body resets itself to normal.

Each of these five stages of sex will be experienced during its occurrence, and it’s important to understand that each of them influences the way your body and mind feels at a given moment in the sexual process.

Along with this, there are other basic aspects of sex that are worth understanding. Taking the time to look into each of them with your partner will help you both get more from the experience. For instance, learning more about which positions you prefer will help you and your partner get the most from the experience.

Stimulation is one of the primary components that needs to be considered. For men, stimulation is relatively straightforward. But for women, it’s a bit trickier. Women generally get the most pleasure from clitoral stimulation or G-Spot stimulation. These two types of pleasure drastically increase the way their bodies respond to sex, and experimenting with different positions could help maximize the way that they feel as sex occurs.

Simply put, sexual activity is a fundamental part of our lives. Not only is it vital for reproduction, but it’s something that can be fun as well. Understanding more about how it works, what pleasures you and your partner, and how to get the most from it will help you truly enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed. It takes little time to maximize your pleasure, and education is the first step.