Penis Enhancement Treatment

by Nick Swanson

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not only women that worry about their appearance. Men can be just as concerned, particularly when it comes to the size of their penis. As many women will attest, size really does matter in this area and a larger penis can mean more pleasure for both sexual partners. In addition to this, a larger penis can make the male feel more self-confident about his appearance and sexual performance and generally increase his quality of life. For men who are not naturally bigger, there are a number of different treatments available, although some are obviously safer and more effective than others. However, with the amount of different penis-enhancing methods on the market, it can be hard for men to know which is more suitable and, more importantly, safe to use.

Penis Enhancement Treatment

Penis Traction Devices – One method of increasing penis length, not girth, is using a traction device which basically stretches the penis overtime. Usually these are labelled as ‘penis extenders’ and can be used alone or in conjunction with dietary supplements. One of the most effective treatments, a penis extender is worn by the user for approximately 2-8 hours a day, stretching the penis tissues and allowing for new cells to grow. While some men may feel uncomfortable about wearing such a device, it is an advantage that, not only are they safe, but they have been proven to work if worn regularly and correctly.

Penis Enhancement Supplements – This type of penis treatment usually is in the form of an oral supplement and often contains a blend of natural herbal ingredients. Although some brands are more reputable than others, unfortunately the majority of these pills simply do not work and, in addition to this, can be very expensive. Mostly sold over the internet, these pills are largely money makers for the manufacturers and not worth spending money on.

Penis SurgeryPenis surgery is probably one of the more expensive methods of increasing penis size and also the most risky. The surgical procedure involves severing the ligaments of the penis, then using an extension device for a period of time in order to keep the penis long while the healing process takes place. While this has indeed been shown to increase the length by approximately 1″, there are no guaranteed results and the penis may also take on a strange shape, even affecting the quality of the erection (an obviously unwanted result). There is an additional procedure that also increases the girth of the penis whereby cells are transplanted to the area, but again, this can result in an abnormal-looking member.