Beginners Guide to Slow Down Rapid Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Beginners Guide to Slow Down Rapid Ejaculation

Young men may be inclined to have a rapid ejaculation especially if they are beginning to experiment with sex. This is because they are learning to utilize this part of the body. It may be a disappointment to feel it happen so quickly. But, with practice it can become delayed over time. However, there is a point when ejaculating too early can return later in a man’s life. There are ways and methods to deal with such a problem. Below are some suggestions to learn how to slow down a fast ejaculation.

Pace yourself and practice. Using the stop and go technique can help you train body from a rapid ejaculation. Remember to keep yourself calm when performing it. Being nervous or antsy can only make the experience worse. Start slowly and work yourself up to the point of nearly ejaculating. Stop a few seconds before and release your member or pace the motion. This can’t be learned in a one or two time session. It must be done repeatedly at least four to five times to become effective. It will also take several tries to get it right. Don’t worry if you mess up, just take a breather and try again when appropriate.

Control the thrusting motion. The friction of the thrusting motion may be the primary cause of a rapid ejaculation. If this happens, you may want to try switching positions that allow for less friction. But, you can also slow the motion of your thrusting. In a sense, it is the same as the stop and go method. However, you are practicing with a partner, and that takes much concentration. Begin slowly, and follow the rhythm of the thrust. If you feel it the ejaculation beginning to approach, pace yourself and put your mind elsewhere for a few seconds.

Work your partner up first. Women often take a while to reach an orgasm. This can range from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. The best thing to do in this case is to stimulate her with foreplay. Women often enjoy this sort of play before getting to sex. The motion of thrusting is not always the ultimate pleasure. Teasing other parts of her body will help get her ready to orgasm when you are ready to penetrate her. This can also allow you and your partner to experiment with different positions. Making the most of your sexual experience can help you solve your rapid ejaculation.