Best Aphrodisiacs to Enhance Sex Drive

by Nick Swanson

There will come a time in a man’s life when his sex drive is not as active as it was when he was 18. Sometimes it comes as soon as 25, sometimes as late as 40 or 50. For men, being able to sexually satisfy their partners despite their age is a big deal. But when faced with stress, fatigue and low testosterone, men may lose their passion for sex. In order to gain it back, they can try some of these best aphrodisiacs to enhance sex drive.

What is an Aphrodisiac?

Best Aphrodisiacs to Enhance Sex Drive

The word aphrodisiac is believed to come from the name of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Today, aphrodisiacs refer to the types of food or substances believed to enhance sex drive and stimulate arousal. These substances may be derived from fresh produce, sea food and certain herbs that contain stimulating properties.

What are the Best Aphrodisiacs for Men?

The following foods are considered as the best aphrodisiacs to enhance sex drive:

  • Oysters
  • Chocolates
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Chili
  • Nuts
  • Coffee

Oysters have been perpetually dubbed as the most famous aphrodisiac. It is said to resemble the shape of a female sex organ which makes a psychological impact on men. It is also said that eating oysters as an aphrodisiac has been popular for the last thousands of years, although there is not enough research to back up that claim. However, according to a funded study headed by Dr. George Fisher, oysters contain specific amino acids which trigger the production of testosterone in men, thus enhancing their sex drive.

Chocolate have also been considered as aphrodisiacs for a long time because they contain a certain substance, phenylethylamine, often dubbed as the “love hormone.” Eating chocolates is said to increase the production of endorphin in the brain which gives the persona natural high.

According to the Smell and Taste Treatment Research, the scents coming from vanilla and cinnamon are effective sexual stimulants which help improve blood flow, including to the genitals.

Another famous aphrodisiac are chili peppers which are abundant with the substance called capsaicin. Capsaicin is believed to increase the production of endorphin which gives a feeling of natural high. It is also effective in stimulating blood circulation and giving a “passionate” feeling to men.

Coffee is also a reputed aphrodisiac because it stimulates the production of dopamine, a substance often associated with pleasure.

Lastly, nuts are among the best aphrodisiacs to enhance sex drive because it is rich in zinc. Zinc is a known to help treat impotence among men. Furthermore, nuts give off a certain aroma which is responsible for that “sexy feeling.” Walnuts, cola nuts and ginkgo nuts have been used for centuries to enhance sex drive as well as increase stimulation.