9 Best Male Enhancement Pills To Consider In 2021

By - Updated July 7, 2021
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Best Male Enhancement Pills
Male enhancement pills belong to the group of the most popular types of dietary supplements. The rise in popularity of these products correlates with a growing need to solve common sexual dysfunctions in a natural and discrete manner.

Thanks to the easy internet access, with only a few clicks a concerned man can get the product that will boost his sexual power. The market changes constantly as new products and brands emerge. In this article, you’ll see ten amazing products that will rule the male enhancement market in 2019.

What are the Common Male Sexual Dysfunctions?

Male enhancement pills are formulated to enhance different aspects of men’s sexual performance, you already know that.

These products come in the prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) form. Prescription pills, such as Viagra, can induce a number of side effects and some men can’t use them due to an underlying health condition or other medications.

On the other hand, OTC pills contain natural ingredients that minimize the risk of adverse reactions. They achieve the same effect as prescription drugs but in a natural fashion.

The purpose of male enhancers for relief from sexual dysfunctions is clear, but the area of sexual problems is largely misunderstood.

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The term sexual dysfunction refers to problems and difficulties affecting any aspect of one’s sexual performance. A common misconception suggests that sexual malfunctions refer to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

In order to understand the significance of male enhancement pills and their benefits, it’s important to learn about the most common problems affecting male sexual performance.

Ejaculation Disorders

The truth is that male sexual dysfunctions are numerous, it would be impossible to limit them to just one or two problems. Men experience problems with ejaculation, but different disorders have been identified:

  • Premature Ejaculation (PE) Uncontrolled ejaculation prior to or right after penetration. Due to the fact PE poses as the most prevalent ejaculation disorder, it’s not uncommon for men to believe this is the only ejaculatory problem out there.
  • Premature Ejaculation affects [1] 25% to 30% of men, but rates could be even higher mainly because many cases go undiagnosed as affected gentlemen refuse to see their doctor
  • Inhibited or Retarded Ejaculation – Ejaculation occurs too slowly and it is the least common form of sexual dysfunction. Basically, it takes an extended period of time for an affected man to achieve sexual climax and ejaculate
  • Retrograde Ejaculation – Happens when the ejaculate is forced back into the bladder rather than through urethra and out of the penis

Ejaculation Disorder

Erectile Dysfunction

Also referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a man experiences difficulties achieving or maintaining erections for pleasurable intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is the most prevalent type of sexual dysfunction and it affects men of all ages.

Numbers show[2] that 52% of men have ED and it is increasingly frequent among younger men which is contrary to the assumption that only older adults have problems with erections.

The inability to achieve or maintain erection stems from diseases or other factors that affect blood flow.

One’s erection depends on healthy circulation where blood rushes to the genital area during arousal. As penile tissues fill in with blood your manhood becomes erected. Any problem that affects a person’s blood flow can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Besides physical causes, ED and other sexual dysfunctions can occur due to problems in the relationship, stress, depression, and other factors.

Low Libido

When term sexual dysfunction comes to mind, we immediately think of ED and PE, but they’re not the only ones. As stated above, issues and malfunctions in any aspect of sexual performance belong to the group of male sexual dysfunctions.

Low libido is one of them! Loss of libido or inhibited sexual desire refers to instances when an affected man has no interest in sexual activity. Both physical and psychological causes play a role. Unresolved relationship problems, health issues, low testosterone, are just some of the many causes of low libido.

Low Testosterone

Most sex-related problems are strongly associated with fluctuations in testosterone levels. The hormone testosterone is vital for male sexual and reproductive health, but its production declines as you age. Studies show that testosterone levels decline [3] by 1% every year after you turn 30.

Although decreased production of this hormone is a normal part of aging, different factors speed up the process. Overweight and obesity, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, exposure to estrogen-like compounds, sleep deprivation, stress, are just some of the many risk factors of low testosterone.

When the concentration of the much-needed hormone declines, men tend to experience multiple symptoms including low libido, infertility, and problems with erections, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and others.

What Are the Top Natural Male Enhancement Pills?

Natural male enhancement pills are easy to find, but choosing the ideal product can turn into a frustrating endeavor. Ideally, an enhancer of your choice should be able to support natural production of testosterone, strong erections, libido, and enable you to last longer without ejaculating too early. Let’s take a look at supplements that will dominate in 2019.

Production of Testosterone

9. Duro Max

Sure, it’s natural for testosterone levels to decline as you age, but it doesn’t mean you’re out of options. It’s easy to think everything will do downhill from here, but that’s not true.

When levels of this hormone drop, natural supplements can boost the production. That is the primary idea behind Duro Max supplement. The product is formulated to revamp a user’s energy and performance by reversing the effects of low-T.

Low testosterone exhibits multiple effects on your body and they have a major impact on sexual performance. Makers of Duo Max created the pill with an intention to restore your libido and enhance muscle gains and vigor for optimal performance in and outside the bed.

Duro Max is dubbed as an effective solution for common sexual concerns and it tackles them through the support of testosterone production. Regular consumption of the supplement effectively prevents uncontrolled ejaculation, increases the strength of the erections, enhances sexual stamina, and boosts sex drive.

Advantages & Ingredients of Duro Max:

The greatest advantage of Duro Max is its harmless nature, the product is safe to use and doesn’t exhibit any side effect whatsoever.

What makes it safe to use is an all-natural formula that contains epimedium icariin or horny goat weed which treats erectile dysfunction and increases sexual satisfaction. Plus, the plant improves memory and learning abilities through improved blood circulation.

Another important ingredient of Duro Max is Rhodiola extract whose role is to improve sex life through increased production of sex hormones and improvement of overall health. When you’re healthy, you’re more likely to engage and enjoy sex.

Nettle extract is also a part of Duro Max formula and it supports prostate health while contributing to the production of testosterone.

Similarly to other products of this kind, Duro Max contains l-arginine which is vital for the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator necessary for healthy blood flow. Read the detailed review here.

8. VirMax

VirMax male enhancement pills for men belong to the range of products for male and female sexual health and performance. These products are made by the same brand called Natural Product Solutions founded in 2006.

Eleven years of experience in this industry can be considered as a major achievement considering the competitive market, shaky economy, and continuous changes in criteria, production, and the use of dietary supplements.

According to the official website, VirMax products are based on the Nobel Prize-winning discovery on the body’s regulation of blood vessel dilation and flow. This and other products bearing the same name are available online, but you can also find them in some retail stores.

The male enhancement pill works to increase the body’s supply of nitric oxide. As blood flow improves and flows toward the penile area, the penis gets erect. It’s simple. With one capsule a day, VirMax is convenient and it still increases your sex drive while heightening sensation for more exciting intercourse.

What makes VirMax different from other products on the market is a rich list of ingredients.

Amino potency power blend works as a muscle builder and contributes to your sexual function. This blend improves athletic performance and maximizes results of your workouts while improving blood flow for stronger erections.

The herbal blend has a goal to enhance both sexual and overall health while enabling the body resist stress more effectively. In addition, the blend also contains ingredients that support prostate health and protect it from common problems that men face as they age.

Stamina blend, as you can already conclude, contains ingredients that help men last longer in bed. It intensifies pleasure and orgasms while preventing you from ejaculating too early. Read the detailed review here.

7. Black Ant Pills

Male enhancement pills usually focus on the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs or spices to alleviate underlying problems and improve a user’s sexual health. What else they’d use, you wonder. What about ants? Nope, this isn’t a joke.

Black Ant Pills isn’t a product whose name is a metaphor or a symbol for intense orgasms and strong erections, real black ants are used in the production of this product.

More precisely, the formulation uses Polyrhachis vicina roger ants and to answer your question “but why” these ants are used due to a high level of amino acids and other important nutrients that keep the body, including genital area, healthy.

These African male enhancement pills have a unique mechanism of action mainly because they improve your sexual performance by strengthening the immune system.

An interesting combination of ingredients eliminates fatigue, keeps the body healthy, and it promotes arousal that leads to a better sex life. To achieve these benefits, it’s enough to take one capsule 30 minutes prior to the intercourse.

Besides black ant, the formulation contains blood-red ant, Formica sanguinea, which targets the immune system. Seahorse extract targets male sex organs and prostate while ginseng improves blood flow and energy levels. Read the detailed review here.

6. Noxitril

Noxitril is a male enhancement supplement designed to ensure every man gets the maximum out of his sex life. The company that created Noxitril promises this useful pill will help every man achieve peak performance.

This is particularly beneficial if we bear in mind your performance and stamina, in and out of the bedroom, declines with age.

Aging men experience decline in fertility as quality, quantity, and motility of sperm is deeply affected. The supplement works by utilizing herbal ingredients with proven male enhancement benefits.

Two pills a day are necessary for increased blood circulation, muscle health, and faster recovery. All these benefits are equally important for both sexual and athletic performance.

Ginseng is the most prominent ingredient of Noxitril and it works to strengthen the immune system, improve cardiovascular health, treat symptoms of diabetes, boost energy while decreasing stress levels and increasing fertility.

L-arginine is also a part of this pill’s formula just like maca root which acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Noxitril contains Tribulus Terrestris, the most popular testosterone booster on the market, and cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper acts as an antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and damage it could cause, but it also promotes weight loss, improves blood flow, and so much more. The result of these actions is intense sexual arousal.

Regular intake of Noxitril also enhances a user’s desirability. How? Elevated libido, greater stamina, and endurance improved sexual performance boost your confidence. One thing is for sure, women love confident men. This can only be a good thing for your sex life. Read the detailed review here.

5. VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus belongs to the group of popular male enhancement pills thanks to its natural formula and ability to promote sexual stamina and vigor while increasing appetite for sex. The supplement comes with 67-day money back guarantee that gives users enough time to determine whether pills work for them or not.

With regular intake of two capsules a day, VigRX Plus works by supporting the production of the hormone testosterone. As levels of this much-needed hormone increase, men notice improvements in their libido and sexual performance.

In addition to libido and performance improvements, the supplement increases the size of the erect penis in both girth and width in order to create rock-hard erections.

Thanks to strong erections and an amazing boost in sex drive, users have the opportunity to experience intense orgasms that lead to mind-blowing sex. Improvement in blood flow also extends to the development of lean muscle, which is beneficial for men who work out regularly.

Horny goat weed is the primary ingredient of VigRX Plus, but the product also contains Cuscuta seed extract that improves sperm quality and health.

Saw palmetto, also present in the formula, supports overall sexual health and performance. The product delivers its benefits without causing side effects. Read the detailed review here.

4. Vaso Blast

Contrary to popular belief among women, not all men are the same, but they do have similar wishes – bigger penis. Let’s admit it, even if the length of your penis is making others jealous, you still want your manhood to be bigger. There’s nothing wrong with that. Vaso Blast promises to enlarge your penis noticeably.

According to the official website, the enlarged penile capillary matrix forces the penis to expand up to 31% in size. This enhancer is specifically created for men who aren’t satisfied with “average” penis, the pill is made for men who want bigger, stronger, more powerful manhood.

The pill works in stages, you experience different (and noticeable) benefits each week of use. During the first three weeks penis experiences greater and longer lasting erections along with a noticeable increase in thickness.

In a period between fourth and eighth week, Vaso Blast promises to grow a penis in length and thickness in both flaccid and erect states. Finally, in ninth week and onwards the penis becomes longer, stronger, thicker, and healthier according to the makers of this product.

With a 100% money back guarantee and natural ingredients, Vaso Blast has quickly become a highly sought-after product. The formula of this supplement contains multiple ingredients including l-citrulline, a naturally occurring amino acid found in some foods such as watermelons, but our body also makes it.

Our body converts l-citrulline into l-arginine which is necessary for healthy blood flow. Additionally, Vaso Blast features longjack or Tongkat ali well-known for energy and sensual vitality effects. Grape seed extract increases blood circulation to the penis and it comes as no wonder why it’s also included in this formula. Read the detailed review here.

3. VXL

VXL is a male enhancement supplement formulated specifically to address problems with erections. Erectile dysfunction acts as the most prevalent sexual dysfunction, but it is still a major source of misconception.

It’s not uncommon for men to start thinking they can’t do anything about erectile problems and they’ll remain impotent forever. Every sexual problem is manageable, including this one and VXL promises to help you manage this issue easily.

In addition to the treatment of ED, the VXL also promises to raise the level of sexual abilities and overall wellbeing.

Makers of this product also explain the pill is suitable for all men with erectile issues, regardless of your weight, activity and fitness level, and other parameters.

This male enhancer has a relatively simple formula which features nettle extract for testosterone boost and prostate health, saw palmetto for a greater drive, energy, and endurance, Tongkat ali for a boost in blood flow, and horny goat weed that dilates blood vessels.

With regular use of VXL men are bound to experience all-around improvement in sexual health and performance. Not only will you be able to satisfy your significant other, but you’ll also improve the functioning of the genital area. Read the detailed review here.

2. Cianix

Cianix is yet another valuable addition to the male enhancement market and it comes as no wonder why it’s the product to consider in 2019.

This pill is created for men whose testosterone levels declined thus making them feel sluggish. Cianix comes in different package sizes to accommodate different needs and preferences men might have.

Some men feel more comfortable ordering smaller packages while others prefer buying in bulk. For gentlemen who don’t like buying supplements without testing them, Cianix also comes with the 14-day free trial option.

With regular use, Cianix increases testosterone levels that cause a chain of beneficial reactions including better testicular function, increased libido, stronger erections, you name it. The supplement doesn’t contain too many ingredients, but the ones that are included in the formula exhibit strong effects. Formula contains:

  • Horny goat weed – Treats involuntary ejaculation, alleviates erectile dysfunction, boosts libido
  • Orchic – Improves testicular function
  • Boron amino acid chelate – Increases production of testosterone
  • Tongkat ali – Promotes libido, supports athletic performance, treats erectile dysfunction
  • Saw palmetto – Encourages urination and supports prostate health, but it also helps achieve and maintain strong erections

Thanks to the natural formula and simple mechanism of action, Cianix is safe to use without causing adverse reactions. Read the detailed review here.

1. Nugenix

Most dietary supplements nowadays are available on the internet only, new brands rarely place their products on the shelves in retail stores. Some experienced brands are slowly focusing on online presence only.

The reason why companies focus on selling their products online is that people prefer shopping on the internet. Just a few years ago online shopping was something that teens and young adults preferred, but today even older groups of people appreciate the convenience of purchasing products or services with a few clicks only.

Nugenix is a male enhancement supplement that you can easily find online, but its makers also decided to make the product available to people who still love going to the physical stores in order to buy things they need.

The primary goal of this supplement is to enhance production of the hormone testosterone. Unlike prescription pills that deliver a synthetic version of this much-needed hormone, Nugenix and other natural dietary supplements use herbs, vitamins, and other ingredients that support the body’s production of testosterone.

The primary ingredient of Nugenix is testofen which contains fenuside from fenugreek. This unique ingredient has the remarkable potential to increase quantities of male sex hormones. Together with the heightened production of testosterone, user experiences increase in libido that heightens the urge to have sex.

Besides testofen, Nugenix contains l-citrulline and vitamins B12 and B6. These micronutrients regulate the nervous system, alleviate fatigue, boost energy levels, and generate more stamina. As a result, men are more equipped for marathon sex sessions without getting tired too early.

Unlike many brands that offer either straight-purchase or free trial option, Nugenix comes with both. Potential customers can choose whether they’ll purchase the pill immediately or they would prefer to test its efficacy first. Read the detailed review here.


The male enhancement market is constantly growing with the ever-increasing interest in these products. Men prefer using dietary supplements because they help them manage sexual problems in an entirely natural fashion.

In 2019, we can expect even more products to emerge on the market. But ten supplements included in this list will dominate thanks to their rich formulas and proven efficacy. Now that you know more about safe and effective products to look for, all you have to do is to decide which one suits you the most.

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