Three of the Best Penis Enhancer Myths

by Nick Swanson

Best Penis Enhancer Myths
The penis enhancement and enlargement industry is beset with lots of myths and half-truths. If you are not careful, you can easily fall for scams that do nothing but take your money and give your products that don’t work or may even hurt your health. That is why it is important to always do your research before purchasing the best penis enhancer products. However, it is also important to manage your expectations of the products you are buying, because irrational expectations can also cause you to spend money on products that will never do what you think it should. Here are three of the best penis enhancer myths.

best penis enhancer myths #1 – You will obtain results overnight. This is the most pervasive myth when it comes to the best penis enhancer and enlargement products. Men expect that they will grow an inch or two after one application of the product. This is just not the case. Even the best penis enhancer takes weeks to increase penis size. The only time you would get overnight results is if you take a male enhancement product designed to produce better erections. However, this acts on the vascular system and the effect wears off once the supplement has run through your body.

best penis enhancer myths #2 – All natural means safe. This is a dangerous myth because it can have serious repercussions. Many of the best penis enhancer products are made from natural ingredients. However, that doesn’t mean they are all safe. Even natural products can be dangerous if they are ingested at high enough levels. When shopping around for the best penis enhancer, find a list of the ingredients in the product and then do a research on them to find out what they do and how they affect the body. Additionally, always buy products from reputable companies.

best penis enhancer myths #3 – The best penis enhancer will make your penis will grow twice or more its size. This myth is most likely born out of men’s desire to look like the well-hung men in pornographic videos. But like physical beauty, an above average penis size is largely a result of winning the genetic lottery. It is possible to increase your penis size, but you are not going to achieve outrageous results. At most, you may increase an inch or two depending on the best penis enhancer product you use. Avoid penis enhancer products that make such outrageous claims.