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Top 10 Places To Do a Quickie Sex

AuthorBy - Updated April 27, 2022
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Have Quickie Sex
Sex is an important part of our lives because of the numerous benefits it brings to us. Sex is needed for procreation and is also a good form of exercise that helps in stress relief. There are instances where sex can be so exhausting in terms of the preparation work, imagination, effort and the time that it needs. This is why sometimes short sexual encounters can come in handy for you when you simply do not have enough time to prepare well for it. There are times that you may imagine grabbing your lover and going to the shower with her to get physical there.

Below are 10 best places that you can do a quickie sex:

1. In The Bathroom

Sex in the bathroom is usually common in most erotic movies and surely it is one of the best places for a quickie with your lover. Most buildings usually have bathrooms and this means that it will be easy for you and your partner to find a place to have some quick fun even when you are away from home.

Another good thing with bathrooms is the fact that most of them usually have mirrors that you and your partner can see your images in. Be careful though not to be too engrossed in the act so that you will not be able to detect intruders who may catch you red-handed!

2. In The Parking Lot

The parking lot offers a very cool and tempting place for a quickie with the neighborhood girl you have always admired and who recently just accepted you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

As long as you have established that there are no other people hanging around why not grab her by the hands and proceed to undress her for a shot or two before someone comes by? The best possible sex style for a quickie in the parking lot is the doggy-style because it allows for both of you to back-off from the act faster if you notice someone coming your way.

3. In The Car

Have you ever gone to a date with a lady who on your way back home may just get horny and probably you were not prepared to take her home with you? If you are alone with her in your car why not just pull the car off the road and find a space to park the car for a short sex rendezvous? You can then move to the back seat of the car because it will offer you more space needed for the act.

Try the missionary sex style for a quickie in your car and trust me you will love it.

4. In The Office

The office although a little risky due to the fact that getting caught pants down may be easy is also another good venue for a quickie with your lover.

Before proceeding to unzip your trouser ensure that you have locked the door so that anyone coming to the office in the peak of things will not stumble on you!

5. In The Kitchen

Although a very unusual place that you can think of having sex, the kitchen can also be just another option for you. It could be the house help you may have been quietly eyeing and fortunately out of the blue you find yourself left with her alone in the kitchen and she also wants you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Why not ask her to bend over for you to enter her from behind. You should be careful though not get mixed up in the excitement of the moment because you may accidentally damage the utensils!

6. In The Dressing Room

Most ladies like their men accompanying them when they go out to shopping and more so when they are going buy their clothes. They usually do this in order to get the opinion of their men about the clothes they are going to buy.

In the event that you find you and your woman left alone in the dressing room why not ask her to hold the wall so that you can have that quickie before other customers come into the room?

7. In The Park

Most men like to go out walking with their ladies in the parks mostly in the weekends. When out in the park resting with your lover and then suddenly the feeling of making love engulf both of you why not find a place within the park that is a little enclosed for a short sex steamy sex? The experience will be a memorable one for both of you especially if you are not caught!

8. In The Lift

You may find yourself left alone with your female work colleague who is also attracted to you in the lift. You can both take advantage of moment and get down for a shot or two before the lift reaches the ground floor.

9. In The Laundry

The laundry can also be an alternative for you to do a quickie with your girlfriend if you are in your parent’s house and don’t have an alternative place to take her to.

10. In The Washrooms

The washroom is a perfect place to do a quickie with a female work colleague you are in love with and you haven’t gotten a chance to have sex with. You can plan with her to go ahead of you and then follow her locking the door behind.


There you have it. Ten of the best places to do a quickie. A quickie can become more intense and pleasurable with the added excitement of doing it in the most strange places like the ones mentioned above.

Just make sure that nobody sees both of you but if you are into a more adventure because you want other people to be seeing the deed then that’s going to be a different post. GTG Hard can be one of the suggested product which you might choose for sexual improvement.

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