What is the Best Product for Premature Ejaculation?

by Nick Swanson

Best Product for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing problems that a man might face during sexual intercourse. Men always want to last as long as possible because they want to impress and satisfy a lover.

Most studies show that women are either satisfied with how long their lover lasts or they wish that he could last a little longer. Men that want to last longer in the bedroom or have problems with premature ejaculation need the best product for premature ejaculation.

The primary reason why a man reaches an orgasm quickly is because of the sensation and pleasure he feels during sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual activity. The problem is so bad in certain men that any type of pleasure makes them reach an orgasm within seconds.

The man might see a naked woman, feel pressure on the penis, or feel skin on skin contact and quickly have an orgasm. The man does not even need to feel any type of contact to have an orgasm. the best product for premature ejaculation is often one that reduces sensation during sexual activity.

One example is the basic condom in either latex or sheepskin. Sheepskin condoms are often more expensive, but some men can only use sheepskin because of an allergy to latex. Many view condoms as the best product for premature ejaculation because a condom reduces the sensation a man feels during sex.

You might hear some men claim that they cannot feel anything when wearing a condom. This is not necessarily true, but the condom does reduce the amount of feeling. When a man wears a condom during sexual intercourse, he might often find that he lasts up to 15 minutes longer in the bedroom and some men last even longer.

Desensitization sprays are another type of product that some view as the best product for premature ejaculation. The spray also comes in a lotion or cream form. The spray is similar to throat sprays that people use when they have a sore throat because the spray numbs any skin that it touches.

Using the desensitization spray on the penis essentially numb the penis, this reduces sensation during sexual encounters. Depending on the type of spray used, it must be applied up to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The spray or cream helps the man delay his orgasm and last longer during the sexual act.