What are the Best Selling Male Enhancement Products?

by Nick Swanson

When most men think of male enhancement, they automatically think of the pills and supplements sold on television. While those supplements are quite popular, they are not the only type of enhancement available. The best selling male enhancement products include any product designed to increase stamina, size, or lasting power in the bedroom. Semen volume pills are just one example. These pills essentially let the body produce more semen or sperm during sexual intercourse. The idea is that men who produce more sperm are more virile and can satisfy their partners better.

Best Selling Male Enhancement Products

Then you have the penile extenders. The contraption consists of a tube or series of rings connected by a central piece that you slip over your penis. This is a best selling male enhancement for those worried about penis size. The way the device works depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers rely on additional weights that come in different sizes. You add the smallest weight to the device and add more weight every time you use the device. Men like this device because it gently pulls the penis out and stretches it from top to bottom and side to side.

In addition to the penis extenders, you also have herbal supplements. According to the manufacturers of the herbal supplements, the pills promote staying power. If you ever wanted to last for hours or just a few minutes longer in the bedroom, then the supplements might help. The supplements often contain a large amount of caffeine. In one dose, you have the same amount of caffeine that you would have in a full cup of coffee or even multiple cups of coffee. The manufacturers tout their supplements as the best selling male enhancement because that perk of energy is enough to heighten your senses and promote staying power.

There are also supplements designed to increase the size of the male sex organ. Most of these supplements focus on expanding the size of the tissue found in the penis. Other supplements promote healthy blood flow because unless blood rushes to the penis, you cannot obtain an erection. There are multiple types of best selling male enhancement products because every man wants something different. One man wants to have a longer penis, while another wants to increase the width or circumference. Manufacturers market different products to meet each one of those needs. You can find the products online or offline from your favorite drugstore.