The Best Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant Fast (#2 & #7 Must Try)

by Cheryl Powers

The subject as to whether sex positions can help make a woman conceive has been around for many years now. Most couples usually find it easy to make babies but unfortunately, some couples find it difficult to make babies. There are many reasons that may make it difficult for some couples to make get a baby.

Some of the reasons why most couples find it difficult to have babies may include infertility, low sperm count, blocked fallopian tubes, weak sperms etc. There are cases where couples have used certain sex positions to help them get babies.

The general rule here is to ensure that the man’s sperms should be deposited near the cervix of the woman as much as possible.

Below are some sex positions that may help couples make babies easily:

The Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant

#1 Hips Elevated

In this sex position, the woman can help elevate her hips by placing a pillow beneath her bums when having sex with her man. The woman can also help the man by wrapping her legs around him thus ensuring increased penetration.

In this position when the man will be ejaculating more and more sperms will be delivered very close to the woman’s cervix. When the sperm is deposited closer to cervix the likelihood of conception gets even more inevitable.

#2 The Missionary Sex Position

The Sex Positions That Will Impregnate Her

In this sex position the man gets on top of the woman and the woman opens her legs as much as she possibly can.

The missionary sex position has been found to allow the deepest penetration of the woman by the man. With a very deep penetration of the woman by the man, the man’s sperms will get deposited very close to the cervix thus allowing for fusion of the sperm and the egg.

#3 The Dog Style

The doggy-style as most people refer to it is a sex style where the man enters the woman from her rear. With this particular sex position the man is said to be able to also have a very deep penetration of her thus ensuring that he deposits his sperm closest to the cervix. When sperms are deposited closer to the cervix, it helps to increase the probability of conception for the woman.

Doggy-style compared to other sex styles opens up the cervix a little more thus ensuring the likelihood of conception by the woman.

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The Side-By-Side Sex Position

Experts agree that the side-by-side sex style also helps to ensure a very deep penetration of a woman by a man. With deeper penetration of the woman by the man, the cervix is left more and more exposed to the man’s sperms. This will help to make conception easy for the woman in the long run.

#4 The Anvil Sex Position

Is more or less like the missionary sex style and it also ensures that the man gains a deeper penetration of the woman. The interesting thing with this particular sex style is that it makes the man hit the G-spot easily.

In this style the woman lies on her back and then the man gets on top of her, the woman then raises her legs so that they are above her head. This kind of pose enables the man to deeply penetrate the woman giving him more options of going even deeper inside of her.

#5 The Magic Mountain

This sex style is almost like the doggy-style only that in this case the man bends over the woman with the woman’s back against his chest. The woman will bend in her waist and can use pillows to support her for increased stability.

In this position the woman’s cervix is remains even left more exposed to his sperms. The other good thing with this sex position is that the woman will easily orgasm because her G-spot will be stimulated by his penis.

#6 The Spooning Sex Position

This is also another good sex position that will help to ensure that conception is achieved. In this sex position the man is positioned behind the woman as she lies down thus ensuring that his sperms reaches her cervix as her pelvis in inclined at a 90 degrees angle. The couple can explore variants of this sex style with the woman legs spread open while resting on the thighs of her man.

#7 The Butterfly Sex Style

In this sex position, the woman will lie on her back on the table and then the man will move between her legs then holding her hips raise her towards his erect penis. This position also helps to ensure deep penetration and sperms will be deposited near the cervix.


While there are instances where a change in sex styles can help couples get babies, there are more serious cases that will require the couples to seek medical attention.

In cases where the woman cannot conceive due to blocked fallopian tubes, she may need surgery to help her conceive. If you have been finding it difficult to impregnate your woman why not try changing your usual sex position?