Top 10 Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant Fast (#2 & #7 – Must Try)

Sex positions are a very important factor of sexual intercourse. Although this seems pretty logical, not many people understand its exact importance. You see, the more creative you are “in the sack”, the better your sex will be. Women, like men, love new, interesting, crazy things to try in bed, and by exploring them with your significant other, you may significantly improve your sex life.

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Why is this Better than Simple, Plain Sex in One or Two “Normal” Positions?

I have just explained one aspect of it – keeping the “game” interesting for both of you.
The other thing I would like to mention that will also answer the previously mentioned question is that sex is like glue.

Relationships aren’t just based on sex, that is true and okay. However, sex is that one aspect of a relationship that can bring people closer together, or push them away.
How many times have you heard a reference – How is your sex? – in some movies? I have heard it millions of times.

Also, what goes with this is the fact that some of the sex positions have a better chance of getting the woman pregnant than others. That’s simply because some sex positions are “sexier” and “hotter” to a woman, and make her feel better and more relaxed.

What are those Sex Positions That Can Lead to Pregnancy Faster than Other?

There are couples who are having difficulties with getting pregnant. I know many of them who couldn’t get to that for months! Yes, for months, but eventually they did. Also, I know other couples who can’t get to that at all, due to infertility.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

According to this research[1], women are delaying motherhood more and more, and couples are having trouble getting a baby more and more. Well, this article may help you in that.

On the other hand, if you are just here for the thrills and learning something new, this article might help you as well.

Top 10 Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant Fast

Before we get to the main event here, let’s see what the general truth is first.
10 Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant Fast
Deeper penetration is better if you are trying to conceive a child. This is logical when you think of how a woman gets pregnant. Here is how it goes down!
When a man ejaculates, millions and millions of sperm come through his penis. All that it takes is one of those sperm cells to “get to the finish line”. The finish line is obviously the woman’s eggs that are located in ovaries.

This sounds so plain and simple, but it isn’t. Many sperm cells die during their time of finding the egg. That’s where the previous statement makes sense – The deeper you go, the shorter the road will be for a sperm cell to reach the egg.
And now let’s check the main reason you are here.


Okay, the first one is the most basic one of them all, however, it is pretty effective!
If you don’t know it by the name “missionary”, that is a sex pose where a woman is laying on her back, and a man is on top of her.

Missionary is the most common sex pose out there, but it is the most comfortable position for a woman and the most efficient position for making babies.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

You can spicy thing up if you change it a bit. For an example, a man can hold his woman’s legs on his shoulders while in this position. That will ensure deeper penetration and better sex.


Doggy Style
This is one of the favorite male sex positions, by far! And no, not because we, men, are animals – it’s because we enjoy the view and feel like we are in control. But essentially, yeah, we are animals.

So, the doggy style position is a position where a woman is on her knees with her back turned towards her man. Not many women love this position. It is even a little bit painful to some. However, it will pay off, and I will tell you how in a second. First, let’s see a variation that will make it more comfortable for women.

Try putting pillows under your belly and lay on them. The position is the same, only you are laying on the bed instead of being on your hands and knees.

Now, the reason why doggy style is so effective is that of the fact that a man’s penis can go deeper in this position with ease! In other sex positions, it may go as far but they need more effort and aren’t that comfortable for a man.

We have already learned why going deep is important for baby making sex. This position also opens the cervix more than other positions do, which makes the path that the sperms travel much easier.


This is a variation of the doggy style. The magic mountain is a pose where a woman’s back is directly on her man’s chest. What you can also do here is put pillows under your head. That will ensure a better balance.

The magic mountain helps the sperm go deeper, faster and also allows a man to hit the G spot easier. It is excellent for orgasms.


the glowing traingle
No! This does not mean there are three of you! Dear lord. The glowing triangle, besides from its innovative and mind-opening name, is a pose that ensures fast baby making.
This is a variation of the missionary pose. It doesn’t differ much from its original. There are only minor changes that you will have to make.

So, a man will still be on top of his woman, only his legs will be extended out. A woman’s pelvis will be slightly raised. This will make it easier for her to wrap her legs around her man. No doubts this is a pretty interesting pose.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The glowing triangle is such a pose that makes conception easier because of the body position the woman is in.


Another interesting name! The people who came up with these names must be pretty creative! Spooning is an excellent pose for fast conception. The penis won’t go as far like in the previous posts, but the woman’s body position is excellent for impregnation.

You can imagine the spooning position like you would imagine doggy style, only on the sides. What I’m trying to say here, is that the spooning position is a position where a woman lays on her side, and a man is “spooning” her from the back.

You see, in this position, a woman’s pelvis will be at a 90-degree angle. Perfect for baby making!



This is where it all gets spicy. Before I explain this one, I must warn you. The plough sex position requires physical strength and stamina, at least a little bit. Don’t be scared! It isn’t that demanding, but it is harder to do than the other poses.

So, what the plough position is, is when a woman is on her hands, holding her upper body that way, and a man is behind her, holding her lower back by holding her legs. It looks like a doggy style position, except it, is in the air.

Not that easy for a man, I know, but it will be beneficial if you are trying to make a baby. What makes this position so special, besides from how innovative it is, is the fact that gravity will work in your favor. Because of the position that the woman is in, the gravity will pull the sperms deeper and faster.


The butterfly, again an excellent name, is a position that requires a table! Yes, a frickin’ table! It does have a nice and soft name, but it won’t be that soft. This position is for all of you adventurous couples. On top of that, it is excellent for conception.

Basically, a woman needs to lay on the table, and a man needs to lift her hips a bit so that he ensures comfortable penetration.


What a strange, strange name for a sex position, right?
Well, this position allows the sperms to travel a lot quicker to their desired destination due to the fact that the cervix will be opened more.

The union of the wolf is a position where a man is penetrating his woman from behind, but while both of them are on their feet. Then, after some time, a woman should lower her upper body. Chest down to the floor (not literally).

the Union of The Wolf


This one is very similar to the butterfly, however, you will be doing this on the bed. So, just like the basic missionary, a woman is on her back, her man on top of her, and pillows should be under her hips. That’s all the philosophy for the Indra pose!


Coming last, but not least – the reverse cowgirl.
The reverse cowgirl’s name gives it all out. A man should be laying on his back, while his woman should be on top of his, but facing his feet.

This is another one of those poses that the male population simply adores. Not only is the view excellent, but it feels amazing for both of you. You will need to work a little bit harder in this position, but it is one of the best for conception.

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The Final Verdict

That would be it for this article. My advice to you would be to try as many as you can if you are having difficulties making a baby. If you are just looking for an adventure, feel free to try them all as well.

Another piece of advice I would like to give is this:
It is beneficial for conception if a woman doesn’t go straight up on her feet and to the toilet after sex. She should be laying there for at least 15 minutes. This will ensure that as much sperm as there was can stay inside of here.

Also, if a man can make his woman orgasm, this would be even better. Orgasms aren’t essential for baby-making sex, however they have their importance.

You see, if a woman orgasms, it will trigger her ovulation. This can be extremely beneficial for those of you who are trying to make a baby.

So, yeah, now you have all the necessary information about the poses that you can use. You see, making a baby isn’t as easy as you might thought it was. It definitely requires some knowledge and effort for you to make it.

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