What is the Best Time to Ask Her For A Sex?

You have been in a relationship with your girlfriend for quite some time now maybe four months, six months or even one year. You wish to take things to the next level with her so that you can move from just being good friends to something a notch higher. You want your relationship to be more intimate but you are not sure what her feelings are.

You certainly won’t ask this obnoxious question… “Do you want to have sex?” because asking such a question will not give you the reaction that you want. The best way to know if your lady wants sex is to pay attention to what she is saying and how she is acting. It is advisable to know the best time that she is ready for sex in order for you to ask her for it.

By looking for the following things from her and then making the move you will most certainly succeed in getting her to agree to have sex with you:

#1 Look Out for Her Actions When She is Around You

If you see that your girlfriend is constantly touching you and will not put away her hands off you she may be hinting that she wants you for sex. You can reciprocate her overtures by also putting your arms around her waist as this may work well to prepare her for more than just holding one another.

Most women only like getting physical with men they are more comfortable being around and they will give in to sex to men they feel comfortable around. If she acts this way when she is around you, chances are that if you ask her for sex she will definitely accept to give in to you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

#2 Reflect on The Progress Of Your Relationship with Her

It will be very unlikely for your girlfriend to want to have sex with you if you have never even kissed her. It will be a lot easy for you to ask her for sex if in the past you have cuddled her, kissed her, and touched her breasts and so on. These are just good signs that she is into you and she may want to get to move even further with you.

You should be tactful though when trying to request sex from her for the first time because some girls usually feel free to be touched and kissed but are not ready for sex until they know the man better. When kissing her you could tell her that you feel like going to bed with her then wait for her response.

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#3 Watch Out If She Wants to Spend More Time with You Alone

If you notice your girlfriend all over sudden starting to come to your place without her friends and enjoys spending more time with you alone then this could be a sign that she wants to get intimate. Most ladies who are not ready for sex with their men will usually avoid being left alone with them. The reason for this is that they know that being in such situations may make their men want more than they can give them.

So when you find yourself alone with her in a room, know that the cards are all yours to play so go ahead and ask her for sex and you will definitely get a positive response from her.

#4 If You See That She is Comfortable Around You Just Ask Her Straight

If you had planned to request for sex from your girlfriend proceed to do so at an opportune time. Do it during an intimate moment with her like when you are holding each other or giving her a French kiss.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Most women are usually more vulnerable and more inclined to accepting sex with men they like when they are intimate with them. It will be a lot easy for you to get a positive response from her when you are already intimate with her than when she is far away from you.

You should, however, be prepared by having a condom on you so that if she accepts to have sex you can go ahead without any hindrance. Asking for sex from a lady when you are not prepared is not advisable because women usually tend to take sexual matters seriously. You wouldn’t want to ruin the moment by pausing the intimate moment by going out to buy a pack condoms.


Before asking for sex from your girlfriend or lady you must also be prepared to accept the outcome. You must note that it is her discretion to either agree to give you sex or not. Whatever her response it is important to still remain the gentleman you have been to her.

If your request is declined it does not mean that she does not like you, perhaps she may just not be ready for sex. If she declines your request why not wait and try again later when you find another good opportunity?

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