What are some of the Best Treatments for Premature Ejaculation?

by Nick Swanson

Many men find premature ejaculation a touchy subject to discuss, but it need not be embarrassing or painful. This is a surprisingly common issue with men of all ages, and so there are many factors involved and many treatment options. There two basic types of premature ejaculation: type one consists of a life-long inability to hold back ejaculation for more than a minute during intercourse, and type two consists of premature ejaculation as a later onset problem. The most common root cause of premature ejaculation is stress or anxiety, so the best treatment for premature ejaculation may be counseling.

Best Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Men who focus on the sexual act and their possible dysfunction have the greatest chance of premature ejaculation, and as it keeps happening during intercourse, this can cause strain in the relationship, which can cause yet ejaculation that is more premature. Experts recommend sexual therapy and counseling for this type of problem. This can lead to a greater understanding of the problem, and help the partners relax and enjoy each other prior to intercourse. The best treatment for premature ejaculation will be the one that is comfortable to employ. When considering therapists, be sure to pick one that seems sympathetic and knowledgeable.

Many medical conditions can lead to premature ejaculation. A doctor, who may want to run a series of tests to check all hormone functions, should check testosterone levels. The thyroid can sometimes be a culprit with sexual misfiring, and routine blood work with a general practitioner can compare thyroid levels as well. Blood pressure, prostate health and heart function should also be included in any exam of this type. If no abnormalities are noted, there is a chance that it could be a genetic trait or simply extreme sensitivity during intercourse. There is help available for these problems.

Some of the best treatments for premature ejaculation may be as simple as what is called the squeeze technique, in which ejaculation is prevented manually. It may also be helped by using certain kinds of antidepressants, which can sometimes slow the onset of orgasm. Lidocaine cream can remove some of the sensitivity to the penis area. This cream can be applied carefully using a slow, circular motion. The most common treatment for premature ejaculation is simply counseling. Talking about the issue can sometimes be the best treatment of all. This can reduce tensions in the mind and increase the libido. Make sure you talk to your doctor before you use any treatment for premature ejaculation.