Best Way to Treat Early Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Men often suffer from a variety of penile dysfunctions that they are reluctant to discuss with their partners or even their doctors. What these men do not realize is the only way they can get help is by letting someone know what is going on. Obtaining treatment for early ejaculation is easier than men think. Sex therapy is one way to treat early ejaculation. Sex therapy can help reduce anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most common reasons a man suffers from early ejaculation. Part of a sex therapy session deals with communication between you and your partner so be prepared to talk.

Best Way to Treat Early Ejaculation

Talking is not the only form of communication necessary during the treatment of early ejaculation. Reading body signals is just as important. You and your partner must learn to read each other. If you feel your anxiety levels rising, your partner should be aware of this. Learning body signals allows the two of you to change the pace or position of sex to decrease your anxiety buildup. Practice slow and steady breathing during sex to keep you calm so you can avoid early ejaculation. If that does not work, break away from each other for a minute so you can relax and steady yourself once more.

Exercise is another great form of treatment for early ejaculation. Avoid vigorous exercise, which may increase your level of anxiety. Try opting for a quiet walk with your partner. Taking a stroll through the park can set a nice romantic tone for the two of you while also decreasing your level of anxiety. Try opening up and talking to your partner while the two of you are out. If she knows what is going on, she can likely help you find ways to decrease your anxiety.

Taking a hot bath, relaxing with a nice massage, and even consuming less sugar and caffeine are all types of treatment for early ejaculation. A hot bath and a massage can help you decrease your anxiety levels. On the other hand, caffeine and sugar can increase your anxiety. Make sure you avoid consuming too much coffee, soda, and other sugary drinks. Simple lifestyle changes that decrease your anxiety can help you out in the bedroom by lowering your chances of premature ejaculation, while also providing a nice health benefit. Sit down and talk openly with your partner and your doctor about premature ejaculation before it gets out of hand.