Biological Factors – An ED Cause

by Nick Swanson

The first time that a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, his first instinct is to reach for a little blue pill or one of the other prescribed treatments for the problem. Most men do not realize that there are multiple problems that cause impotence. The man must first determine if the problem occurs regularly or if it is a one-time problem. Even something as simple as an argument at work might cause erectile dysfunction because the man feels stressed and cannot focus on sexual intercourse.

Biological Factors - An ED Cause

Many men discover that problems in their professional and personal lives can cause erectile dysfunction. Studies found a link between stress or anxiety and impotence, in that when a man feels anxious or stressed, he finds it harder to perform in the bedroom. Impotence follows an emotional cycle. When a man experiences erectile dysfunction the first time, he worries that it will happen again. He keeps worrying about it until he finds that he does suffer a second bout of impotence. Eventually, the problem becomes more of a psychological issue than a physical issue because his brain stops him from having an erection simply because it thinks that it cannot have one.

However, there are many other men that suffer a biological problem that causes the impotence. Biological factors relate to medical conditions and medications that men take because of those conditions. One of the main reasons a man might suffer from impotence is because of a medical condition. Any type of disease or condition that causes poor blood flow or circulation might cause erectile dysfunction. Diabetic men often have problems with impotence because of poor blood circulation. The penis cannot get enough blood pumping to the organ for the man to have an erection.

Men that lead a sedentary lifestyle are also more likely to suffer from impotence. A sedentary lifestyle can cause erectile dysfunction because the man stops the blood from flowing through his body properly. The more exercise the man gets, the more the blood pumps and circulates. Sitting on the couch, watching television, playing video games, or doing any other type of activity that does not burn calories is potentially dangerous. Before a doctor recommends any type of treatment or program for the impotence, the doctor often suggests an exercise program and diet plan. These lifestyle changes can treat erectile dysfunction in men suffering from certain medical conditions or diseases.