How to Boost Your Sexual Performance – the Vegan Way

by Nick Swanson

Boost Your Sexual Performance - the Vegan Way
Keeping up with sexual encounters may not be so easy for everyone, and we are talking more about men on this one. If you’re out of breath too soon, then you or your partner might not get the satisfaction you both wanted. So what needs to be done in this case? One thing, you need to boost your sexual performance.

All it takes to keep your rock star performance in the sack is to fix that diet of yours. If you want to heighten your sexual stamina to boost your sexual performance, better start cutting out dairy, meat and fish in your diet. That does not mean you have to turn vegan, but if you want, why not? Since one of the roots of diseases is poor diets, you better straighten out yours. And what better way to get healthier than having vegan diet?

Certain diseases in the body can affect how you perform during sex, and when it comes to stamina, heart disease can cut the whole experience. As you would know, your ticker isn’t just the one affected on its own with heart disease but also blood flow to other areas of the body. Yes, this includes your penis. So to get that heart pumping and to boost your sexual performance, you must eat the right diet, including those that can help you last longer and perform better in bed.

What Veggies to Choose

Whole Grains (Oatmeal! And others)

It’s not just a good and nutrient-rich breakfast item to kick start your day, oatmeal will also help increase testosterone in your bloodstream which can help you have a better quality erection. What’s behind this occurrence is the amino acids that run with nitric oxide to keep your blood vessels less stiff making the muscle surrounding them relax. That would increase the blood flow, allowing you have quality erections whenever you want. With the help of oatmeal, you can say bye-bye to erectile dysfunction.

Leafy Greens

Well you’ve probably seen spinach as Popeye’s favorite power food. What you probably do not know is that this vegetable will keep you prevent embarrassing erectile dysfunction problems. Spinach is loaded with magnesium which will help your body since it helps dilate blood vessels. Another thing, this green veggie also contains folic acid which is a nutrient that is vital for having an erection.

Folic acid can decrease levels of homocysteine, a harmful substance that can irritate artery lining and even encourage plaque to stick to them. Green veggies are packed with folic acid. This includes broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, bok choy and Brussel sprouts.


Just so you know, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps improve male sexual health as it improves the quantity and motility of sperm. Don’t worry; this is not just a myth. This is a fact that is supported by a study conducted at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

So there you have it, change your diet now and be on your way to the best sexual life possible!