Building Sexual Stamina – Learn to Last Longer in the Bedroom

by Cheryl Powers

For many men, building sexual stamina is highly important. Early on in a man’s sex life, he may have less control and not be able to last as long as he or his partner would like. Some men have that difficulty throughout their entire life, and not just when they are younger. Regardless of your age or any other factors in your life, if you want good stamina in the bedroom there are ways you can get it. If you’re older or have any medical conditions, be sure to talk to your doctor first. That way you’ll know you’re healthy enough for prolonged sexual activity.

Building Sexual Stamina

If you’re taking medications or have a health problem, you’ll want to be sure that building sexual stamina won’t be detrimental to you in any way. Supplements and prescriptions and devices are all available to you, but most of them require you to be at least relatively healthy to begin with. Men who are unhealthy may have to forgo building sexual stamina, or they may have to work at it more slowly or with fewer options because of their condition. If your doctor warns you against certain options, don’t ignore that advice.

The old trick of thinking about something else as you approach climax can work for many men, but it doesn’t work well for men who want to stay in the moment. In the case of men who want to remain focused on the experience, building sexual stamina can be more complicated. Slowing down can help, as can certain devices that restrict a man’s ability to have an orgasm. Some men choose to masturbate before sexual activity with their partner, but that doesn’t really help in Building Sexual Stamina. It does, however, prolong the experience for that particular sexual encounter. That may be enough for some men, but not for others.

If you are having trouble Building Sexual Stamina, you may benefit from sex therapy. You can go alone or as a couple, and a therapist can work with you to talk about any problems you’re experiencing. Taking the stigma off of sexual activity can be productive and can help partners really connect with one another both in and out of the bedroom. As you practice the techniques you’ve been taught by the therapist, your stamina will improve. Patience is important, as stamina takes time and effort to achieve. With persistence, you’ll see more sexual stamina.