Can Pre Ejaculation Fluid Cause Pregnancy?

by graham

Many men and women wonder if the fluid that is released prior to man’s ejaculation can get a women pregnant. There are numerous cases of pre ejaculate pregnancy, because this fluid can contain sperm. A common birth control method has always been the pull out method, which has been used for hundreds of years, if not more. This method is not 100% reliable, because the fluid can contain sperm. There are some cases when this fluid does not contain sperm, but there is not guarantee when a person is trying not to get pregnant. On the other hand, if a person is trying to conceive, this information can work in reverse.

Can Pre Ejaculation Fluid Cause Pregnancy?

Pre ejaculate pregnancy can occur, because the man typically does not feel this fluid coming out like he can with an orgasm. This fluid is meant to lubricate the sperm so it can travel through the woman’s body. It also contains chemicals that reduce the acidity of the ejaculation. The sperm can come into contact with this pre ejaculation, which can cause pregnancy. Many people have made the mistake of thinking a woman cannot get pregnant from this fluid, but it can happen. This is a very common misconception.

As long as the penis is inserted into the woman’s vagina, a pre ejaculate pregnancy occurs if the fluid comes into contact with the woman’s vagina. This is an important piece of information that many men and women are unaware of. When engaging in intercourse, it is important to know that this fluid cannot always be felt when it come out. There are studies that show this fluid not having sperm, but the cases that show sperm is cause for concern. It is always important to air on the side of caution if a person is trying to avoid pregnancy.

The type of fluid that is called pre ejaculation can cause pre ejaculate pregnancy. This fluid comes from the Cowper’s gland and then can mix with a small level of sperm count when it is ejaculated out of a man’s penis. When this occurs, the sperm can travel through a woman’s body and she can become pregnant. The chances are relatively low for a live pregnancy to occur, because the sperm count is so low. It is however, possible for a woman to become pregnant with this low level of sperm coming in contact with her vagina. Steps should always be taken to avoid pregnancy from pre ejaculation.