Can Premature Ejaculation be Cured?

Doctors are completely perplexed when it comes to the causes of premature ejaculation. Some believe that it comes from trauma or injury to the pubic area, while others believe it is a psychological condition. Confounding the problem is that some men develop the problem quickly after years of successful sexual activity, while others develop the problem in their younger years. Most experts believe that the answer to the question, can premature ejaculation be cured, is a resounding yes. There are many different methods that help men battle premature ejaculation.

Can premature ejaculation be cured

The first technique involves reducing stress or anxiety surrounding the sexual act. Many men find that the best method of battling the problem is by having an orgasm before the sexual act. For example, a man might masturbate before a date with a new partner. Since the body already had one orgasm, it relaxes and does not feel the need to rush through sex. When the man has intercourse with his partner, he finds that he lasts longer. Another answer to the question of can premature ejaculation be cured is yes, but only by taking some time.

If you have a willing partner, then consider using multiple sexual acts as one time. The first time is a rush job that gets you through the sexual act quickly. This might involve skin on skin contact or oral sex. The idea is to have an orgasm quickly, which reduces any tension in the body. Following the first orgasm, you immediately begin working together and engaging in sexual intercourse or another form of activity. You will find that you can delay the second orgasm longer than you could the first. Those asking can premature ejaculation be cured should also look at different sexual positions.

As long as you have complete power and control over the sexual act, you might suffer from premature ejaculations. When you get excited, you immediately start moving and thrusting faster, which makes you have an orgasm faster. This includes missionary position and any position that involves you standing or kneeling behind your partner. When you give your partner control over the sexual act, you feel helpless and have more control over your orgasm. If you need to know, can premature ejaculation be cured, then you need to know that the cure is within your own hands. The method that works for you might not work for your friends, but through trial and error, you will learn what works.