Catuaba- All You Need To Know About Its Ingredients

by Nick Swanson

The ingredient Catuaba is derived from the bark of the Brazilian tree of the same name. It has been traditionally used as a health and sexual tonic in Brazil and is now often used in men’s sexual performance supplements. It can be bought in several different forms, liquid, powder or oral capsule and also different doses, depending on the purpose of use. There are many places to purchase Catuaba in North America and it is often sold in Health supplement stores or from online retailers.


Consumers interested in using Catuaba can find a good amount of information about the ingredient online and they have a choice whether they want to use it on its own or as part of a formula. Many men are interested in the role Catuaba plays in improving the quality of their sexual performance. Not only is it said to have aphrodisiacal properties, but it is said to support sexual stamina and energy. The fact that it improves blood circulation results in a better flow of blood to the penile chambers which in turn results in a stronger and longer-lasting erection. An added bonus of the support circulation is that Catuaba has been known to improve the memory while stimulating the central nervous system.

The list of the components of Catuaba bark are usually shown on product sites and the key properties include phytosterols and alkaloids. There has been several studies conducted on Catuaba over the years and it has been reasonably successful on the sexual performance in lab mice. However, the evidence of how well it works in humans is limited although it has been reported to at least produce a mild support in the erection by men who have used it.

When considering purchasing Catuaba, the consumer needs to do thorough research, not only on the product itself, but also the manufacturer of the brand as some are obviously more reputable than others. A good brand will show all the ingredients that are included in the formula and preferably their amounts and origin. The recommended dose for Catuaba is usually 1-2 capsules per day, but again, this will depend on the amount and potency. While Catuaba has not been known to cause any harmful side effects, the risks associated with long term use are not known. It is always recommended that the consumer consult with a herbalist or alternative health practitioner before using.

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