Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The problem of erectile dysfunction is quite widespread, can affect men of all ages and may be due to several different reasons. While many men experience erectile dysfunction later in life, due to a drop in hormone levels, it can be quite common in younger men, whether caused by poor general health or specific medical condition, such as diabetes or coronary problem, bad dietary habits and obesity or stress.

Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Unfortunately doctors do not have any type of test that can determine the cause, although in some cases certain conditions such as diabetes can be ruled out with a simple blood test.

There are two specific types of erectile dysfunction triggers – physiological and psychological. Usually, one can identify if the problem is the latter as it tends to only occur during morning and evening sexual activity and not at any other time. Alcohol consumption and even cycling can cause E.D. for some men, while for others, mainly those in the older age category, decreased production of testosterone can cause a lack of libido and result in temporary impotence. If this is the case, it can be treated quite successfully with the course of testosterone supplements, administered either by injection, an oral capsule or with a suppository. Some supplements also help increase the production of Nitrous Oxide in the body, which in turn helps dilate and widen blood vessels, allowing for a better flow of blood to the penile chambers. Another popular treatment is the ‘penis pump’, which is basically a vacuum device used to produce the erection.

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction should be aware that there are also many questionable products on the market, especially those sold via the internet, that make great claims of treating the problem but in fact offering nothing more than a herbal pill. While many of these are safe to take, despite not working, some are more controversial, such as the product Enzyte, which of one of several brands that have had lawsuits against them for false advertising claims.

The problem of erectile dysfunction is certainly not new, and treatment dates back to the 1920’s and 30’s when a physician called Dr. John Brinkley introduced goat gland implants and injections. While it is not known how successful these were, they are among the first recorded E.D treatments. Unfortunately, possibly due to the fact that the cure was rather strange and controversial, Dr. Brinkley ultimately lost his medical license.

It is understandable that the problem of erectile dysfunction can be hard on both partners and while many women try to be supportive, the male can feel a loss of sexual confidence and depression. It is certainly worth consulting with a physician to determine what can be done and the best course of treatment, although for some men, it may be an untreatable and a condition they may have to live with.