Causes of Early Ejaculation – What Stops Men From Going the Distance?

by Nick Swanson

There are several different causes of early ejaculation, and they can depend on a man’s age and medical condition. They can also be affected by thoughts, feelings, and the length of time he has gone without sexual release or without sex with a partner. Finding a partner particular attractive can also cause early ejaculation, but this will usually stabilize after the man has had several encounters with that partner. For men who don’t seem to be able to delay their ejaculation at all, there are treatments available. They should see their doctor and discuss their options.

Causes of Early Ejaculation

Sometimes, one of the causes of early ejaculation can be as simple as inexperience. For very young men who are not used to having sexual partners, ejaculation may happen more quickly than they hope or expect. That can lead to a lot of embarrassment for the young man and his partner. However, men who are older but who have been without a sexual partner for some time can also experience early ejaculation. These men have been without sex for months or years in some cases, and when they once again have the opportunity to have a sexual partner their body is overzealous and fails to cooperate with them.

For men who do not seem to have an outside reason as one of the causes of early ejaculation, there may be treatments they can consider. Talking with a sexual therapist can help them find causes of early ejaculation that may be buried deep in their emotions. Men who talk to sex therapists can often overcome early ejaculation problems, which will allow them to have more satisfying sexual experiences. They can also please their partners better if they are able to have more sexual stamina and last longer in the bedroom. That’s important for the men’s self-esteem and also for their relationships.

There are some actual physical conditions that can cause early ejaculation, as well. These are usually treatable, but you’ll have to be open and honest with your doctor about your problem. Because causes of early ejaculation can vary so much between men, your doctor may do various tests in order to ensure that there are no serious, underlying causes. If your doctor doesn’t seem inclined to take your concern seriously, it may be time to find another doctor. You and your partner shouldn’t have to live with early ejaculation when there are so many treatment methods to explore.