Causes & Treatment Method For The Problem Of Premature Ejaculation

by graham

Premature ejaculation is a problem that plagues many couples. Premature ejaculation is technically defined as when a man reaches orgasm before he or his partner wishes that he would. It can happen before penetration ever happens or shortly after penetration in the worst cases. In some cases, the man can hold back his orgasm for a few minutes before ejaculation happens. There are many things that cause premature ejaculation. Most of them are psychological and are very rarely connected to a serious medical issue. There are some treatments that can be done to counter act the problems that cause premature ejaculation.

In most cases, the things that cause premature ejaculation do not have a clear cause. For men who are new to sex, their young age and inexperience may be one of the things causing premature ejaculation. As they become more experienced at sex, they learn to withhold the orgasm until their partner is ready as well. Another possible cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety or stress. This is most common in a new relationship, in certain sexual situations or if has been a long time since the last time the man reached orgasm. In other situations, premature ejaculation can be caused be by anxiety, depression or guilt. Some medications cause premature ejaculation as a side effect as do some injuries and hormonal problems.

There are some treatments against the conditions that cause premature ejaculation. There are exercises that can be done to control the situation and work to limit the times that premature ejaculation does occur. One of those exercise methods is called the start and stop method. In this exercise, the man will be sexually stimulated until he feels the point of orgasm. The stimulation should stop for 30 seconds and then repeat until the man needs to ejaculate. The last time continue the stimulation until he does. Over time this will work to extend the time it takes for the man to ejaculate.

Another exercise that works to stop what causes premature ejaculation is the squeeze method. This means the man’s penis is stimulated until he feels the need to ejaculate, then the glans near the head of the penis should be squeezed for several seconds. Then all stimulation needs to stop for 30 seconds and then start again. Like the other exercise, it is repeated until the man needs to ejaculate. The final time, he is allowed to finish. This exercise will also work to stop the issues that premature ejaculation causes.