Common Factors For ED

by Nick Swanson

If you have a problem with erectile dysfunction, then you may be wondering what the cause of ED is. This is particularly true if you don’t appear to have any obvious health complications. However, some of the causes of erectile dysfunction can sneak up on you without warning. Oftentimes the cause of ED is related to lifestyle. For example, if you are an avid bicyclist, then the cause of ED for you may be related to the type of bicycle seat you are using. Studies have shown that bicyclists who ride on a seat that causes continuous pressure on the perineum have a higher chance of developing erectile dysfunction.

Common Factors For ED

Another cause of ED is the use of tobacco, Drugs, or alcohol. Even if you are a casual user of these substances, you could be damaging your vascular system and be the cause of ED. The penis contains hallow chambers that fill with blood when a man is sexually stimulated. This blood erects the penis and stays locked in until ejaculation. Weak or damaged blood vessels may inhibit the flow of blood to the penis which can prevent a man from achieving an erection and be the cause of ED. The blood vessels in the penis may be too weak to hold the blood, which may result in the inability to hold an erection or to ejaculate.

Prostate cancer can be the cause of ED. While it is not a direct cause of ED, the treatment of the cancer can contribute to poor sexual performance. Typically, to eradicate the cancer, a man may need to undergo radiation or chemotherapy, hormone manipulation, and even surgery. This can result in the reduction of certain hormones that facilitate sexual desire and arousal. Additionally, surgery could remove key elements from the genital area that are necessary for a healthy erection. Depending on the treatment, the cause of ED in cancer situations may subside and allow the patient to enjoy sex normally again.

The cause of ED may be a neurological disease. The nervous system plays an integral part in many bodily functions including erecting the penis. Degenerative brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis impair brain and nerve function. The nerves gradually lose the ability to transmit impulses correctly, which could be the cause of ED. In all of these situations, it is best to work with your physician to find ways to overcome the cause of ED.