The Most Common Male Sexual Disorders

by Nick Swanson

The fast-paced and very stressful lifestyle of the modern age has made sexual problems in men fairly common. This problem can not only lead to unsatisfying sex between partners but it can also lead to male infertility as well. The three common types of male sexual problems include:

  • Low libido or poor sex drive
  • Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) which is the inability to gain or sustain an erection
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction which includes inhibited, delayed or premature ejaculation
Common Male Sexual Disorders

The most common among these three disorders is erectile dysfunction or what some people commonly call impotence. Impotence is the failure of the male to satisfactorily make or maintain an erection long enough to achieve satisfaction form sex. This problem is so common that at least one in ten adult males suffer from this problem. The age that this problem starts is usually during a man’s late 30s. Older men may suffer from other kinds of sexual problems other than ED although doctors claim that age is not really a factor in causing ED as it can also be experienced by young men.

Causes of Sexual Problems in Men

Sexual problems in males can have physical or psychological underlying causes.

  • Physical causes – This can include drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking, side effects of medications, liver or kidney failure, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, vascular and heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Psychological causes – Include factors such as the effects of past sexual trauma, anxieties regarding sexual orientation, physical, emotional or mental stress and performance anxiety.

What can be done Regarding Erectile Dysfunction?

ED is one of the most studied sexual problems in medical science and because of this there are many ways to treat this disorder. If you think that your lifestyle is the cause of your male sexual problems, it is imperative to change your lifestyle. This includes indulging in regular exercise, staying physically and mentally fit with yoga, practicing relaxation techniques which also reduce your anxiety and stress and avoiding vices like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

If these lifestyle changes fail, then you can go to the doctor where he can prescribe you with ED medications like Levitra, Cialis or Viagra which is the most trusted and oldest of these drugs. These drugs all act the same way by relaxing the smooth blood vessels in the penis to allow more blood to flow into it. This makes the penis erect long enough to allow a satisfactory sexual encounter. These drugs are hugely effective and obviously quite popular among men.

Some other methods that address erectile dysfunction include surgical implants, hormone replacement therapy, penile injection and vacuum pumps. Some of these techniques are not as convenient as the aforementioned ED medications. A natural option is also available in the form of natural male enhancers which basically work the same way as ED medication.