Common Penis Disorders

by Nick Swanson

Many men suffer from a variety of penis disorders that can seriously inhibit their sexual performance. One common penis disorder is priapism, which is a term associated with prolonged and often painful erections that last more than four hours. Some cases of priapism may last for a few days at a time. The most common way to identify priapism is when it occurs without the presence of sexual activity or stimulation and does not go away despite several orgasms. Priapism occurs when the blood is unable to drain from the penis and commonly caused by genital injury, medications, drug abuse, and blood diseases.

Common Penis Disorders

Another of the many disorders of the penis is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction commonly affects men over the age of 65 although it can affect a man of any age. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection despite sexual stimulation. Common causes of erectile dysfunction include stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, persistent fatigue, genital injury, penile cancer, and surgery of the pelvic area. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome erectile dysfunction thanks to the help of a variety of natural supplements that improve blood flow to the penis.

Among some of the common disorders of the penis many men suffer from peyronie’s disease. This disease occurs when plaque forms within the penis leading to hard lump formations. The plaque forms in the erectile tissue of the penis, typically on the underside and can lead to painful swelling and irritation. Prolonged buildup of plaque on the penis can cause hardened scar tissue, which can significantly reduce the elasticity of the skin on the penis. If the disease is mild, it may not require treatment and can heal in anywhere between 6 months to a year and a half. However, if the disease persists, you may have to seek the help of your doctor.

Another of many common disorders of the penis includes balanitis. Balanitis occurs when the head of the penis becomes inflamed. Similarly, balanoposthitis occurs when the head of the penis and the foreskin becomes inflamed. If you should experience swelling of the head of your business accompanied by a painful rash, itching, and discharge consisting of a foul order, you may be suffering from balanitis. Make sure you consult your doctor should you experience any of these symptoms so you can receive treatment immediately and sufficiently.