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Do Condom Really Protects You from Unwanted Pregnancies?

AuthorBy - Updated April 28, 2022
Do Condom Really Protects You from Unwanted Pregnancies?
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Today’s society is not as uptight as it was before. In the past, all pregnancies can simply be considered as a blessing, which is why they don’t necessarily do something that could prevent it in the first place, except not having sex.

At the present though, there are a lot of methods that people use in order to avoid pregnancy and be able to plan the number of children they want to have. They also have their different percentage of success, including:

  • Diaphragm with Spermicide: 80%
  • Emergency Contraceptives: 75%
  • Female Condom: 79%
  • Injection or Depo-Provera: Above 99%
  • Implant (Implanon or Norplant): Above 99%
  • IUD or Intrauterine Device: 98% to 99%
  • Male Latex Condom: 86%
  • Oral Contraceptives: Above 95%
  • Surgical Sterilization: Above 99%

Majority of these contraceptive methods would need to be used by women. Besides male latex condoms and surgical sterilization, everything from the list above would be applied or used by women who do not want to be pregnant.

What is a Condom?

A condom is a stretchy thin pouch used by men and place on their penis during sex in order to protect themselves from diseases or to prevent pregnancy. It can be considered as the most famous method that people use today in these aspects.

The easiest to get and use among all other contraceptives, the male condom is a form of barrier against the semen from entering the vagina. Most of the male condoms are made of the following:


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • Latex
  • Polyurethane
  • Lambskin

Male condoms are easily disposed after usage. More than just prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, they are can also be used to improve the pleasure between partners. In fact, they are designed with different shapes and textures in order to increase pleasure and sensation from both partners.

To get this sensation more you can also try some sexual enhancers such as Libido Power.

More than that, it can also be used for additional foreplay since you can include the putting of condom as part of the foreplay. Sex also lasts longer since the use of these condoms can also delay male’s ejaculation.

What is a Condom

How Does a Condom Work?

Condoms, also known as rubber, work in a simple way. Men should wear the rubber on the penis and collect the semen that comes out of the penis during ejaculation. Since the rubber catches all the semen and prevents it from going into the vagina and meeting up with an egg, pregnancy can be avoided.

The tip of the condom has a small reservoir that acts as a container for the sperm during ejaculation. There are also other rubbers that are integrated with spermicidal agent, which not only serve as a barrier for sperm but are also structured to kill sperm for pregnancy prevention.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Along with rubbers, lubricants are usually used in order to avoid the condo from breaking. Simply be sure that the lubricant you’ve chosen is compatible with the condoms you bought because there are lubricants that should not be used with latex condoms since it is not safe.

More than just pregnancy, condoms are great ways you can avoid sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. The same way for which condom acts as a barrier, it also does in terms of STDs since rubbers prevent the contact to both semen and vaginal fluids.
More than that, it can even limit skin-to-skin contact of these sexual parts. The use of condoms also avoids genital warts and herpes because of this limitation.

Among all of the contraceptive methods used today, only condoms, both male and female, have the ability to protect you against STDs. This is the reason why a lot of people use condoms on top of using other contraceptives like pills.

When it comes to its usage though, there are some tips you should know about. First, only synthetic condoms, like the plastic and latex ones, can prevent STDs since lambskin condoms and other condoms made from animal membrane can only prevent pregnancy.

In addition, if you want to practice safe oral sex using a condom, what you can do is to cut the side of the rubber, open it out, and gently place it over your vulva.

How Effective are Condoms When You Use Them?

Condoms are highly effective when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. You simply need to follow the instructions as they are, whether you are doing an oral, vaginal, or anal sex. It is incredible when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

When it comes to pregnancy, for 100 people who use condoms, there are 15 who find the condom ineffective. The actual percentage of its effectiveness is around 85%. This percentage though increases to 95% if the condom has spermicidal agents structured in it.

The key through in using condom is first, use it correctly and perfectly every time you have sex. And second, use it together with other contraceptives in order to further increase the percentage.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Male Condoms?

There are several advantages and disadvantages that people can get when it comes to using male condoms.

Advantages of Male Condoms

Male Condoms

  • You won’t be required to have a prescription just to purchase one.
  • Condoms can easily be bought and are incredibly cheaper compared to other contraceptives.
  • Using condoms not only can prevent pregnancy but can also protect you against any sexually transmitted disease.
  • Condoms are easy to carry anywhere and are disposable.
  • There are no known side effects from using condom, except for people who may be allergic to latex or other materials that the condom is made from.
  • Putting on the condom can be integrated in the foreplay if you are creative enough.

When it comes to the side effects, there are no side effects that you need to watch out for. There may be issues of allergic reactions and sensitivities against latex though.

In addition to that, you should also be careful in using lubricants since there are some lubes that can cause irritation when used together with specific types of condoms.

For people who are allergic to latex, there are other options you can consider like plastic condoms. Some of the latex-free condoms are those made from nitrile, polyisoprene, and polyurethane.

You also won’t have to worry about having a hard time buying one since these types of condoms are also available where latex condoms are sold.

Disadvantages of Male Condoms

  • There are some men who find condoms to be dull, especially when it comes to sensations.
  • The responsibility of protection goes fully to the male partner, especially if it is the only contraceptive method being used.
  • Putting on condom can be an interruption in the entire foreplay process.
  • Using male condom has a failure rate of around 14%, which is considerably higher compared to other contraceptive methods.
  • It requires diligent and consistent usage in order for this method to be effective.

How Can you Improve the Effectiveness of Condoms?

Effectiveness of Condoms
There are several methods that you can do in order to increase the effectiveness of using condoms. Whether you are using it for vaginal, anal, or oral sex, increasing its percentage of effectiveness will always be a positive thing to consider.

This also goes the same way, whether you want to avoid pregnancy or leaning more towards protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Some of these methods include:

  • Make sure that you are following the instructions on how to use the condom properly.
  • Wear the condom from the start until the finish of your sexual activity.
  • Guarantee that you roll the condom on the penis before any skin-to-skin genital contact is initiated.
  • Use the condom on top of other contraceptive methods in order to increase the effectiveness of preventing pregnancy.
  • You can use withdrawal and pull out even when wearing your condom in order to make sure to keep the sperm out of the vagina.

More than these methods to increase effectiveness, there are also some things you should know about using a condom, including:

  • Do not double the condom when using in hope for increasing Pocketits effectiveness.
  • Do not use a condom together with a female condom.

What Sexually Transmitted Diseases Can Male Condoms Prevent?

Male and female condoms are the only contraceptives that could help you protect yourself from sexually transmitted decisions. Condoms offer safer sex but it does not necessarily mean 100% safe sex.

The National Institute of Health in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reports that:

  • 1. The transmission of Syphilis is reduced by 29%. If condoms are used correctly all the time, it is further reduced to 50% up to 71%.
  • 2. Transmission of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea is approximately reduced by 50%, whether using the condom properly or not.
  • 3. HIV transmission is approximately reduced by 85% when condoms are correctly used all the time.
  • 4. Transmission of genital herpes is approximately reduced by 40%.

Condoms also reduce the following:

  • Transmission of Human Papilloma Virus or HPV
  • Likelihood Partner Exposure of Fluid Secretions and Genital Contact

What are the Tips You Can Follow in Using Condoms?

Use of Condoms

In order to ensure the optimum condition of the condoms you are using, there are some tips you can do just to improve your usage of condoms. Some of which are:

  • Make sure that you take good care of your condoms and use them appropriately when you use it.
  • Keep your condoms stored in a cool and dry place that is away from direct sunlight and any sharp object, excessive heat and moisture can cause damages to your condoms over time. Do not keep them in the following locations:
    1. Pocket
    2. Car
    3. Bathroom
  • Have a good supply of condoms around your house, especially on your night stand and the side of your bed and other locations where there is a possibility of you getting frisky.
  • Check the condom’s expiration date, as well as the condition of the packaging, in order to ensure the quality of the rubber. Throw sticky, dry, or stiff condom away.
  • When using latex condoms, do not use oil-based lubricants like cooking oils, butter, baby oil, lotion, and petroleum jelly since they damage the latex condoms and may cause breakage
  • While there are pre-lubricated condoms, it is still recommended to use silicone or water-based lubricants not only just to keep them from any breakage but to add sensation and pleasure to the users. You simply need few drops on the inside of the top of the condom or the penis’ head.
  • Get used to putting a condom before actually doing it while in the middle of having sex, since practice will inevitably make you more at ease and confident in using one.
  • Be positive and creative in using condoms since you can actually add it to the foreplay and stimulate each other using lubricant.


Using condoms is a great contraceptive method that you can use if you want to avoid pregnancy and at the same time prevent yourself from having sexually transmitted diseases. It is beneficial to use since not only is it user-friendly but condoms can also easily be bought from drug stores and convenience stores. You won’t even need to have a prescription just to be able to purchase one.

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Condoms are highly durable and can simply be disposed right after usage. They can also easily be carried wherever you need them. In addition to that, you also don’t need to worry about any side effect that it can have compared to other contraceptives.

The only time that you should worry is if you are allergic to latex or other materials that these condoms are made of.

If you choose to use condoms, make sure to choose the type that will be most ideal for you. Include a lubricant in your choice and also ensure that the lubricant you chose is compatible with the kind of condom you want to use.

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