Controlling Premature Ejaculation – Techniques Can Help You Last Longer

If you’re interested in controlling premature ejaculation, you should know that you have options. Some of them are easier to undertake than others, but there are plenty of choices you can explore. Talking to your doctor to get a clean bill of health is a good first step. If you have mental or emotional issues in your past that might be causing the prematurity, it’s also a good idea to talk with a sexual therapist. That way, you can learn about mental techniques you can use in order to last longer. Talking through your problems may allow them to clear up on their own.

Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Not every man wants or needs to see a therapist about his prematurity concerns, and there are other ways to address them. The distraction technique is still very popular. It is easy to use, and simply involves thinking of something else when you get close to orgasm. For many men, the technique can work well and prolong ejaculation at least long enough to allow their partner to reach orgasm. Of course, if that technique does not work there are other choices that a man can consider for controlling premature ejaculation. One of those is the stop-start technique, which can also delay orgasm.

For men who need more assistance, or for men who’ve tried simple techniques with little success, there are prescription options. Men can take antidepressants, for example. One of the side effects of the SSRI antidepressant medications is a lowered ability to achieve orgasm. Generally, that’s not a side effect you want. If you have trouble controlling premature ejaculation, though, that can be a great side effect that can simply help you last longer. SSRIs are strong medications, and not everyone should take them. Talk to your doctor if you’re considering an antidepressant, and make sure you only take one that has been prescribed for you.

Some companies have come out with nasal sprays that can be used in order to delay orgasm, but these contain basically the same chemical makeup as the antidepressants. controlling premature ejaculation with these kinds of medications can be done, but should only be attempted under a doctor’s care. You should also think carefully about possible side effects that can occur, because they may be more significant than premature ejaculation. Some people do well on antidepressants and others have too many difficulties taking them. Don’t sacrifice your overall health to attempt to last longer in the bedroom. It’s not worth the trade-off.