Controlling Techniques For Premature Ejaculation

by graham

Premature ejaculation is a rather common sexual dysfunction that involves the inability to withhold climax for more than two minutes during sexual interplay. While this can certainly happen to any man from time to time, most clinical definitions would only consider a constant involuntary orgasm as a true dysfunction. Causes are many and vary widely, but fortunately, there are many premature ejaculation control techniques that can be tried in the privacy of the bedroom, and just may go a long way towards establishing a sense of fun and relieving the tension in a relationship that often accompanies this dynamic issue.

One of the most tried and true methods of premature ejaculation control techniques is known as the squeeze technique. It recommends that during the course of sexual relations, the couple should stop when the man approaches his threshold of pleasure, and the partner should firmly grasp the base of the penis. By holding the penis in such a manner, the beginnings of orgasm may be stopped, and when the sensitivity level has lessened, the sexual intercourse may continue. This can and should be repeated as often as possible during sex to ensure the continuing increase in the man’s orgasm withholding abilities.

Another simple idea for premature ejaculation control techniques is for the couple to enjoy a very lengthy foreplay session prior to the sexual act. Neither should be allowed to climax, but rather the woman should be brought to the peak of orgasm and left there before intercourse, in order to ensure a quicker climax. The man should be manipulated thoroughly during the foreplay, and this pressure on the penis prior to sex can serve to somewhat desensitize the penis. Fortunately, this will not remove sensation entirely-just enough to help him last longer during the actual sexual intimacy. This is a win-win situation.

Finally, many sexual therapists recommend that for a truly dedicated couple, the two best premature ejaculation control techniques is frequency of sex, and slowing down. The withholding of sex, either due to relationship issues or fatigue, or any of the other thousands of reasons people say no, can actually cause men to have a hair trigger when it comes to orgasm. Having sex on a very regular basis can greatly benefit in decreasing involuntary orgasm. A good rule of thumb for better sex is to take the normal pace and divide it in half. This helps both women and men achieve orgasm health.