Your Guide to Curing Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Ask three doctors for a premature ejaculation treatment and you will likely get back three completely different responses. The one thing that most doctors agree on is curing premature ejaculation naturally. Experts believe that there are basic methods that treat and cure premature ejaculation, though those methods depend on the situation. Some men find that thinking about odd or unusual things during sexual intercourse helps. During the sexual act, the man thinks about something else and finds that he can delay his orgasm.

Curing Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Most men rely on different sexual techniques as a method of cause of premature ejaculation. Even something as simple as changing from one position to another might help. Men that find themselves losing control quickly should choose a position with the woman on top. When the woman has more power in the bedroom, she controls how long the sexual act lasts. These positions are helpful because the positions let the man lay back and relax in the situation. Masturbating before a sexual act is another helpful method. Premature ejaculation sometimes relates to the amount of time between two orgasms. The body feels most relaxed after the first orgasm and when the man masturbates, his body can withstand the sexual act longer.

It is important to note that curing premature ejaculation naturally is different from treating the problem. Treatment involves focusing on the symptoms and making those symptoms lessen over time. Curing is a medical term that makes the symptoms disappear completely. Curing premature ejaculation is much harder than treating the problem. Treating involves lessening the number of times you suffer from premature ejaculation, while curing means that you never suffer from premature ejaculation again. If you want to cure your particular problem, you must determine the cause of the problem.

Problems caused by emotional or psychological issues are often fixed by simply thinking about other items and things during the encounter. If the problem has a biological cause, then you need a different method, such as changing your sexual positions. One method of cause of premature ejaculation that works for multiple situations is taking a break during the act. For example, stop in the middle of sex and play with your partner’s body for a few minutes or talk to each other for a moment. The point is that you need a small break that keeps you from thinking about sex and in turn keeps you from reaching an orgasm.