Dangers of Low Testosterone Levels

by Nick Swanson

Dangers of Low Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is a hormone that is usually produced by the leydig cells in men and produced in the ovaries in women. There small amounts of the hormone produced in the adrenal glands of both men and women. The hormone plays an important role in the growth and development the secondary male sexual characteristics. Its production in boys usually peaks in puberty and lasts to the late teens. First let us understand the functions of testosterone in the human body.

The Functions of Testosterone in Men

  • As young baby boys grow it helps in the development of the sex organs and the prostate gland. It is testosterone that also helps to develop the brains of young baby boys.
  • When young boys grow it is testosterone that brings about the appearance of pubic hair, axillary hair, and the hairs found on the upper lips. Boys usually experience a surge in growth because of bone maturation even before they reach adolescence thanks to the hormone.
  • Testosterone is what makes boys get a deeper voice in adolescence, muscle bulk, and shoulders broadening.
  • As boys continue to mature it is testosterone that helps to regulate their normal sperm development
  • It is testosterone that helps to bring about an active and normal sexual desire in men.
  • It is testosterone that increases energy metabolism in men and thus helping them to shed extra pounds which in effect help to lower their body fats. This makes them get leaner and fitter physiques.

What Causes a Decrease In Testosterone in Men?

Dangers of Low Testosterone Levels

Naturally testosterone levels in men start to decrease when they are about 40 years old. A decrease in testosterone levels in the body is often associated with decreased energy, suppressed sex drive, and lowered muscle strength, an increase in visceral fats. Most men will attribute loss of energy and sex drive (libido) to aging but usually it a decrease of testosterone levels in the body that causes all these. Other factors such as injuries to the testicles or treatment involving radiation or chemotherapy for cancer can also cause testosterone levels to drop in the body. Diseases or medicines like steroids that affect pituitary gland also can reduce the levels of the hormone in the body.

Below Are The Dangers Of Low Testosterone Levels Discussed In Detail

Low Testosterone Will Impact Your Sex Life; low testosterone often comes with negative health effects especially for men. Men with low levels of testosterone in their bodies often find it hard getting erect and also keeping the erection needed to satisfy a lady. Low testosterone levels in men also causes a decrease desire to have sex and this may come with serious consequences on intimate relationships like marriages.

Low Testosterone May Also Cause Other Health Complications; it is not only your sex life that low testosterone levels in your body bring about. Men with low levels of testosterone also add weight and also suffer from lowered energy. This occurs because when there is a reduction of the hormone in the body your body fats increases and your muscle mass decreases. Low testosterone levels of testosterone can also affect your mood and this may make you may feel depressed. Research has also found out that some men with low levels of testosterone have trouble concentrating.

More Serious Effects of Low Levels of Testosterone

Having low levels of testosterone in the body can bring about long-term adverse effects on a man’s health. Low levels of the hormone in men can make the bones to become weak and may even lead to a condition called osteoporosis (a condition in which bones degenerate). This is a condition that makes people to become very weak and more prone to injuries. Other scientific studies also suggest that low levels of testosterone in the body may also make a person to be susceptible to heart diseases.

Diagnosis of Low Testosterone in the Body

Any man who notices a sudden decrease in his sex drive should go and see a doctor. A competent doctor will be able to conduct a blood test to find out if you have low testosterone levels. Testosterone levels usually rise and fall in the course of the day. It is said that the levels usually peak in the morning before leveling out as the day progresses so it is better to have more than just one test. The best time for your doctor to conduct the test on you should be in the morning.


If you notice the above discussed symptoms of low levels of testosterone in your body it is advisable for you to go and see your doctor. Low levels of the hormone in your body can be harmful to your general well-being. Remember that eating the right foods and doing recommended exercises is highly advisable if you are to lead a healthy lifestyle.