What is Delay Spray for Men?

by Nick Swanson

Few things in life are worse than seeing a beautiful woman and knowing that you cannot give her the satisfaction that she wants because of premature ejaculation. Whether you have intercourse with her for the first time or the fiftieth time, you want to know that you can last as long as she wants and give her the pleasure that she deserves. Delay spray for men helps you last much longer and give you the strength and virility that you want when you meet the right woman.

What is Delay Spray for Men?

A delay spray is sometimes called a numbing spray, but the exact name depends on the manufacturer. The spray comes in a large tube with a spray head attached to the top. The spray has no taste, color, or odor, and does not cause any problems to the penis. A Delay Spray for Men is a simple way to prolong the sexual act because it is easy to use. Prior to having sexual intercourse, you simply spray a small amount of the product on the penis. The spray desensitizes the skin, which lets you go longer without having an orgasm.

Some of the products are even safe for use with condoms. The most common treatment for premature ejaculation involves keeping the body from responding to sexual stimulation in the way it wants to. With premature ejaculation, your body wants to have a fast orgasm because of the stimulation and your brain lets this happen. The delay spray for men keeps the body from reaching that orgasm because it reduces the amount of sensation that you feel. When you use the spray with a condom, you add two layers of protection. You can continue having sex or receiving stimulation until the spray wears off and then you have an orgasm.

Most manufacturers claim that there are no side effects to using the product, but there is at least one. The most common side effect is a sustained erection. This often occurs when you use too much of the spray at one time. The Delay Spray for Men does not wear off as quickly as it should and it leaves your penis feeling numb. Since you cannot feel anything, you cannot feel the sensation required for an orgasm. This problem only occurs in a small number of men, and only in those that use far more than the recommended amount prior to sexual activity.