Delayed Ejaculation Causes – Effective Solutions

There are a variety of delayed ejaculation causes, and you should discuss the problem with your doctor so that an effective treatment plan can be prescribed. Delayed ejaculation causes may be from chronic medical problems that can interfere with your daily life and performance in the workplace. Delayed ejaculation causes may also be from surgery or taking specific types of medications. Other causes may be substance abuse, or some mental health issue such as depression. Sometimes, delayed ejaculation causes may be a combination of medical and psychological problems which together make the problem worse.

Delayed Ejaculation Causes

Some Delayed ejaculation causes may be due to a prostate or urinary tract infection. Birth defects that have serious effects on the reproductive system in men can be delayed ejaculation causes. Sometimes if a man has had a serious injury to some of the nerves in the pelvis which control orgasms or spinal cord injuries, these can be delayed ejaculation causes. Other physical problems including prostate surgery, heart surgery, or serious medical problems such as diabetes, nerve damage in the spinal column, or a stroke could be causes of delayed ejaculation.

Other delayed ejaculation causes may be psychological in nature. Delayed ejaculation causes may be that there isn’t good communication with a man and his partner. Other issues could be stress due to ED problems. Delayed ejaculation causes may be due to mental health issues including anxiety or depression. Additional psychological problems may be due to extreme anxiety over sexual performance. When men are suffering from fatigue due to family or work pressure, this can also be a contributing factor.

delayed ejaculation causes are often due to medications. One of the delayed ejaculation causes facing many men is prescription medications used to control hypertension. If it becomes a serious problem, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of changing your medication. Delayed ejaculation causes may be from taking certain types of diuretics. Other medications that may be responsible for this problem are certain antipsychotic prescription drugs. Other problems may be due to illegal drugs or alcohol abuse. When some men have a physical problem even if it isn’t serious, it can cause anxiety about sexual performance which can get progressively worse if it isn’t addressed. If you’re trying to cope with depression and are taking an antidepressant, your doctor may consider decreasing your medication dosage or changing your medication to solve the problem effectively. For treatment to be effective, your doctor may also recommend counseling.