The Most Common Delayed Ejaculation Causes

Most men worry about premature ejaculation, but delayed ejaculation is just as common. Premature ejaculation is a problem that occurs when a man has a fast orgasm. Delayed ejaculation occurs when a man cannot reach an orgasm as fast as he wants. In both situations, the man cannot control his ejaculation or his orgasm. Some men even find that delayed ejaculation is worse than premature ejaculation because he does not reach the release that he wants. There are multiple delayed ejaculation causes and the reason for the problem varies from man to man.

Delayed Ejaculation Causes

One of the more common delayed ejaculation causes are those relating to stress. Stress wrecks havoc on the body and make serious changes to the various systems, including those that transport blood. The blood that reaches the penis is what causes an erection. When the blood pumps too quickly into the penis, it might cause delayed ejaculation. Stress can come about from a variety of different sources, including stress from the relationship and stress at work. Men react to stress in different ways and in some men, it might take the form of impotence or premature ejaculation instead of delayed ejaculation.

Another reason why some men suffer from delayed ejaculation is because of drugs or alcohol. Alcohol causes a delayed reaction in the human body. When a man drinks too much alcohol, he might have difficulties obtaining an erection. Even if he can achieve an erection, he finds it hard to reach an orgasm. The man might find himself losing his erection during sexual intercourse or the strength of his erection fading during the act. Even a small quantity of alcohol might lead to delayed ejaculation and some men discover that they cannot have an orgasm at all after drinking. Alcoholic drinks are not the only delayed ejaculation causes.

The use of illegal drugs and even some prescribed medications might also cause delayed ejaculation. Illegal drugs, including marijuana, numb the body and keep the man from experiencing all of the same sensations he might otherwise feel. These delayed ejaculation causes are frustrating to most men. The man might feel uncomfortable with sexual intercourse and even reduce the amount of sexual activity he usually experiences. Some men that suffered from delayed ejaculation in the past continue feeling uncomfortable, which leads to more problems in the future. Men typically only have the problem because of lifestyle choices.