Delayed Ejaculation Treatment – There are Options to Help You Ejaculate Properly

by Nick Swanson

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

While some men have trouble with premature ejaculation, other men don’t seem to be able to ejaculate. This problem, called delayed ejaculation, is a serious one for men who want to enjoy sexual activity with their partner.

If they cannot reach orgasm, it’s very possible that their partner will start to feel as though she’s doing something wrong. That can lead to stress and strain on the relationship, and can even cause a breakup.

The man might also feel inferior, or wonder what’s wrong with him that he can’t enjoy himself. Fortunately, delayed ejaculation treatment is available.

One of the main reasons why men can’t ejaculate is nervousness or fear. Something in the fear response can stop some men from having an orgasm. If you’re one of those men, you must determine what’s causing you to be so nervous.

It’s not surprising that a man is nervous his first time – or even his first few times – but that nervousness should diminish. Even men who get nervous with each new partner should still see that nervousness fade over time. Men who have had a lot of trauma in their past may need delayed ejaculation treatment with a therapist in order to learn to overcome their problems.

Usually, there is no physical problem for the majority of men who have delayed ejaculation. The difficulty is generally related to mental or emotional concerns. That is why delayed ejaculation treatment with a sexual therapist is so very important.

Men who struggle with this problem will want to find a therapist they are comfortable with, since sexual health is such a sensitive subject. If you can’t talk with your therapist in a completely open manner, you aren’t going to get the help and support that you really need to improve the quality of your sex life.

Delayed ejaculation treatment can also involve physical treatment. Some men do have abnormalities in the genital area that makes it more difficult for them to ejaculate. If you’re one of those men, you may need surgery to correct your problem.

This is relatively rare, but it’s important that you have a thorough examination so you can be sure of the cause of your difficulty. You should also be open to talking to your partner about the issue, so that the two of you can work on it together. That can help keep your relationship strong and healthy, both in and out of the bedroom.