Diet & Exercise an Effective Treatment for Male Menopause

by Nick Swanson

Treatment for Male Menopause

Let’s face it. Very few people want to hear the doctor say, “You need to eat right and exercise regularly.” For those who receive a diagnosis of andropause, it may be the last thing they expected to hear. The doctor should be giving pills or ointments instead of advice. However, diet and exercise are a significant option in treatment for male menopause. They are the easiest since they do not involve taking unusual things like supplements or medications. The body has the ability to heal itself in many cases. When you give it the building blocks it needs, you might be surprised at what can happen. That is the case with using diet and exercise to treat andropause.

Diet & Exercise an Effective Treatment for Male Menopause

What types of diet changes do you need to make? Eating a balanced diet is the start. A low-saturated fat diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals will give the body a full arsenal of amino acids and essential nutrients. The human body uses those building blocks to build muscle, balance hormones, and do repair work. In treatment for male menopause, you might want to avoid some foods. Grapefruit is one. It can trigger the body to convert testosterone into estrogen. Alcohol is another to eliminate. It can also trigger that conversion. Some foods naturally help the body up testosterone levels.

Exercise must be part of a natural program of treatment for male menopause. Exercise helps stimulate natural production of testosterone. While it will not elevate testosterone levels to what they were in the 20s, the natural increase will help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with andropause. Exercise also helps release endorphins, which helps with a common symptom of andropause: depression. It also helps with muscle tone and overall body concept. All of this comes together to provide the benefits that a man needs when dealing with a diagnosis of andropause.

A doctor’s first recommendation to any man with andropause should be diet and exercise. This treatment for male menopause will have effects on the social, physical, emotional, mental, and psychological health that go beyond typical medical treatments. Of course, in some cases, it may not be enough to alleviate all symptoms. However, it can help eliminate some of them and make treating the remaining ones easier and less invasive. It will improve overall health also. Any doctor that recommends bypassing this treatment option is not doing the patients any favors.