Difference between Testosterone and Steroids That You Must Know

Steroids and testosterone are words that people in the fitness circles are accustomed to because of their importance to the industry. These are substances that are known to play a big role in boosting the muscle mass for athletes and bodybuilders. Both steroids and testosterone are present organically in your body. A steroid is a term used to classify fat-soluble organic compounds that are usually present and produced in the body. Steroids are responsible for a number of physiological developments which include reproductive development, caloric synthesis, tissue restoration, and much more. Good examples of steroids are the adrenal and sex hormones. This means that testosterone is an example the various steroid hormones found in the body. Testosterone is mainly produced in the male testis and female ovaries.

The Popular Inaccurate Notion about Steroids and Testosterone

Most people usually mistake steroids and testosterone to be artificial anabolic steroids thinking that they are the same which is not true. It must be recognized that they are different in their formulas and how they function. Steroids exist in number of forms and anabolic steroid as a form of testosterone is just an example of a steroid.

Steroids and Testosterone

Difference between Testosterone and Steroids

Steroids that are artificial and are sometimes referred to as corticosteroids are drugs made to help in the treatment of a number of illnesses. Some of the illnesses treated with corticosteroids are medical conditions that involve inflammation like asthma, eczema, arthritis, and cancer. Sex hormone derivatives that are used for contraception, hormone problem correction or control, and muscle restoration are also steroids. Steroids used for therapy are usually administered in different ways but the best way to use them is to apply them to the affected area directly. Steroids can be ingested as pills or can alternatively be injected directly into the veins or muscles. There other forms of steroids that comes in the form of nose or eye drops. The enema type is used to treat bowel conditions such as bowel irritation. Although steroids have numerous health benefits they can expose people to long term adverse effects if taken in large doses. Some of the complications that steroids can bring about if they are taken in large doses include high blood pressure, glaucoma or eye cataract, muscle weakness, increase in weight, growth inhibition in children, bone thinning, skin problems such as; acne and stretch marks.

The Anabolic Steroid (Artificial Testosterone)

The artificial testosterone is normally used to treat men who have less or are suffering from a deficiency of natural testosterone production in their bodies. Artificial testosterone also helps to treat infertility, erectile dysfunction, height development, anemia, and also to stimulate appetite in people suffering from loss of it. Bodybuilders also use this kind of testosterone to help them gain muscle mass. Athletes also use it illegally to help them improve their skeletal muscles, endurance and strength.

There are a number of ways that artificial testosterone can be administered to the body which include injections, orally, buccally, via transdermal skin patches, and via trandermal skin gels or creams. Doctors warn that abuse of the drug can lead to decreased immunity thus causing liver damage and possibly cancer. When artificial testosterone is introduced to the body it makes the brain to limit the production of natural testosterone in the body and this may bring about a premature discontinuation of skeletal muscle growth especially in young users. Its use may also bring about uncontrolled aggression, changes in mood, depression, and irritation. Men who use the drug in high doses will experience decreased sizes of their testis and a reduction in their sperm count. For females its use could cause complications such as weight gain, loss of hair, and menstrual cycle interference.

Summary of Testosterone and Steroids

  • Steroids are fat-soluble compounds usually found in the body naturally and are produced there naturally by the body itself. Testosterone is just a type of a steroid found in the body.
  • Artificial steroids are those drugs that are manufactured by pharmacies which are meant to cure hormonal conditions or inflammation. They usually come in various forms e.g. anabolic steroids or testosterone.
  • The artificial testosterone is especially made to help treat skeleton-muscular and reproductive issues in both men and women.
  • By using artificial testosterone in high doses chances are that your body’s natural production of the hormone will be compromised and this may present a number of problems to you.
  • People with low levels of natural testosterone in their bodies may exhibit mood disturbances, an increase in body fats, loss of muscle tone, poor erections, lowered libido, sleep problems, lack of concentration and memory lapse.
  • Natural testosterone production in men usually decrease as they age, this referred to as andropause.
  • When there is too much production of natural testosterone in both boys and girls it could result into problems with their fertility.