Do Men Go Through Menopause?

by Nick Swanson

The question of late in medical circles is whether or not men actually go through a form of menopause the same as women do. The answer to that question lies simply in the definition of the term “male menopause.” The male body certainly goes through changes with age, but are these changes so well defined as to earn such a descriptive, final name? Probably not, but the subject is up to debate. In men menopause is not an inevitable fact. Testosterone levels definitely decrease, but it does not decrease to a level that causes discomfort in all men. For some the change may be barely noticeable, while other may have a host of symptoms associated with the decline.

Do Men Go Through Menopause?

Due to this uncertainty, most doctors have settled for simply calling the condition Low T, rather than applying the term menopause. Low T, for low testosterone, is a condition in which low testosterone levels cause symptoms similar to those suffered by women in the perimenopause phase, and also conditions that are suffered by those without Low T. Health conditions such as diabetes, depression, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure and even consumption of drugs like best steroids can be traced to Low T in some cases. Since these are common conditions that can be caused by a number of factors, it can be difficult to pinpoint Low T as a cause. Still, when it comes to men menopause is probably not the answer.

The major difference in what men go through, commonly referred to as Low T, and the menopause of the female body is that the female body will definitely go through a change in which the ovaries will no longer produce estrogen. In men menopause would mean that they no longer produced any testosterone. This is not the case however. Most men produce testosterone on some level for their entire lives, and some enough to be able to father children well into their 80s.

So if you take the female menopause and how it relates to the female body as the basis for defining what a male menopause would be, then when it comes to men menopause is not a factor. However, if the definition of male menopause is simply a change in the hormonal balance of the male body that occurs with age, the answer could be that yes, men do go through a type of menopause. It still varies greatly from the finality of the female version, but the male body does most definitely see a reduction in testosterone as it ages.